Do you remember the guy from last post? Well, we discussed it a bit and he fortunately decided to set the interface contracts after the specifications. So I can work on other stuff, too. First I'll code the easiest of all assignments. I have to correct my previous count, there are four assignments of which one is very easy (a three-component rotary roboter arm with light on the first element, colors and a teapot). It's really simple, something you can do between lectures or on a lonely friday evening (like today) while watching your favourite movie oder video game run.

And before we discussed the time problems, I did a bit too much work and forced my self to speed-engineer the basic layout of all classes and structures (there are 6 or 7 in my component). So I'll only need to create two more class dummies and everything will fine and free to code behind. Pew! I rather like a longer period between steps. But now we have a bit more time for planning, so it shouldn't be so stressful anymore. Looking at the work I have to do and what the others complain, I don't see why there is too much work for them. But well - everybody's learning, so the amount of work they have to do is appropriate I think. I already devided other rather large feature list into optional and mandatory features.

I don't know why, but the only things I rant about are communication errors, (from my side) wrong technical decision and philosophy in general. I'm an optimal candidate for techno-political law discussions! No, not really. What stuff comes to my mind... Well, let's end this topic here. I just can't stop posting while I have to endure boring talks from my lecturers...

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