Creativity and programming

Most people just don't believe me if I say programming is a creative work. Even fellow students see programming as a simply logical process without any creative though in it. Interestingly do these students say that they hate to do something creative. They always think making art assets is creative or stuff like that. They can't really see what a creative process is and maybe that's the reason why they just don't want to associate creativity with programming. I haven't yet met any big programmer who believes that programming is no creative task, and I maybe I'll never do. I believe that people denying creativity as an essential part of programming just don't do stuff so well as it is possible. See, good programs and good interfaces do always evolve better with organic development processes, which you'll never get if you design your program as a minimal and always logical task. You won't get any profit from stamping it there and never reworking it cause it worked as logically thought it should work this way. This specific person I'm working with is clearly someone who won't get any real and complex problem down. I'm glad that I'm doing the rather complex database work for massive amounts of PGN-formatted data in this project (and no, it's no shitty SQL fuck). I know we wouldn't even be able to parse it. From the beginning he wanted to do the graphical part in this project, the admittedly easiest one... Well, I also don't think he'll ever program any data-heavy later. I have so much experience with handling realtime access to a shitload of linked and indexed data, I can image a lot of instantly working concepts from begin to end. Don't know what he wants to do later, but I'm it'll be something rather not complicated. Something simply NOT creative. And solving a difficult and overwhelming problem does definitely require technical creativity.

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billy said...

I see programming as an art form.