Crawlin in my skin

So beside this massive amount of reddit links, it's also frightening how many stupid blog crawlers and ad-content searchers are on the web. And well, I don't want to see my blog everywhere on such stupid sites on the web. There are two things I can do about this: a) disable search engines/blogging portals from crawling my blog and b) link your blog on other pages to spread an indirect way to find it. That would require something I can showoff or atleast a group of people interested enough in my ramblings to visit my blog directly or via one of my links. I previously planned to release all my toolkits and sources in one complete open source toolkit package. I think releasing it on a portal like SourceForget or Savannah. I'm a friend of the Free Software licence stuff, but I find it kind of confusing how and why to to a specific portal for it and not just a random one. I want to make a right decision I'm happy with later. Thus, it's necessary to know in what kind of licenses software can be when hosted there and what it offers me as a single developer/what I want to use. Since this is a personal project, it'd be an exception if there are more to actively work on this project with me. However, getting your project free on such a page profits from some benefits, including SVN servers, a wiki and so on. I want to spread my code, usable for everyone who can see it as a a piece of word useful for what one wants to do. Back to the original problem, it would piss me off to force my code into guidelines like when publishing it on Savannah or so. I have my rules, and they have their. Though we both share the horrible habit of writing to much text about our philosophy, ideas and rules, we don't want to changes them for someone else (except if the situations changes and there are improvements everybody profits from). And it's C preferencen doesn't make me happy either (no templates, no classes, just sayin'). So let's take look at all of them. There are many choices.

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