Calm down, and back to the roots

I don't what to say about it. I take up to three looks at a library/class/program. First look gives the most true and usefull result. Though I can't describe in total, but I intuitively know if it could come in handy or not. Second look is a romantified version where I only see the plus points, blinded by avoiding obvious facts. Third look gives me the complete reality, having the drawbacks and the plus points and the original guess. And it ALWAYS reinforces my orignal guess, making the third and second look only useful if you need to explain it to someone.

The last days I lived the second look, today I got the third look at STL. I made one mistake, I didn't read the article I linked further. Today I did and choked by the fact that I let such a horrible creature into my garden of joy. I simply trusted it and left only hate and despair. Good thing is, I decided to use my own memory management classes instead, which are much more effective and comfortable. Oh I feel so bad for thinking it could be that useful. Walls of text with euphemism about stuff I forgot to read further and I didn't thought about reading the complete specification. But that's the nature of trial and error, only that I also insert pseudo love and initial observation (but not later).

Call me a moron, I hate my life. It's not how bad the STL in fact is (I haven't really programmed in a while, so this maybe the reason for why I forgot to think about it), but how I forgot that. It's often the same scheme: truth, lies, resign. This ever-repeating stereotypical behaviour is driving me nuts. Good thing I have this blog to outsource rant consumption, otherwise nobody would want to listen to my problems. And well, the internet is always listening. Mostly because it's big, cold and simply lunatic. There is no way to defy this.

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