There are games I learn to know much later after they were released. One of these games is Bully, or Canis Canem Edit, as is was named in some countries. I initially thought why the fuck would anybody be so stupid to put GTA in a school format and simply ignored, but with some kind of fascination. I didn't why, but nobody I knew was really talking about it, so I wasn't sure if my deny was correct. Later, (let's say some days ago) I saw a partial and unfinished speedrun of it and was amazed by how well this game seems. Damn fine music, good graphics and a great level design, completely without any things I heard/knew about GTA, so I started to found it interesting what I saw. I haven't yet played the game, but I want. There are numerous factors and terms I like to explore, you're even able to start relationships toward boys! Isn't it awesome to see game developers looking out of the usual hetero box? If that's enough for a good game. Some research in who did this game, did surpringly result in a studio which was never involved in any GTA project. So I completely linked the name of the mother studio Rockstar with GTA, independent what kind of game is in the package. However, I'd like to play this game, whatever it is and however it is debatable. And again, good music and different freedoms form a game I'm interested in. I see where this is going.

Check out the soundtrack as soon as you can, it's simply the best funky music I ever heard in a video game.

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