I ordered some of Brickarms' guns and swords a few days ago (via one their resellers) and sheesh, that they arrived just now a few minutes ago! Man, THAT was quick. Unfortunately, I realized that I totally forgot to some universal clips and a Bladerunner gun, but I think that should be the problem, looking at the stunning quality of these little plastic weapons. I must say that I didn't expect them beeing so detailed and fine. A bit too fine I think, I guess that's the reason why LEGO doesn't sell too thin parts: they don't break in a child's toy box. So I put them back in a save place to get use them later when I want to make some scenes with them. I already have an idea how to setup of system of resuable scene parts in case I don't want to put too much time into a new model. A set of premade, universal base structures with attachables surfaces and details will do it. Let's see how far I can get and what it'll take me to finish my system. But later. I simply don't have so much time to stop coding and play with LEGOs instead. No, first I'll implement the alghorithm design for my parser and then I can put together all the other list filtering things and so on. This should be enough to get a little CLI program done for loading, filtering and display chess data. Oh fuck I forget about the chess code itself! Damnit, I guess won't have ANY time til christmas for proper LEGOing. Shit, I really wish there'd be less work to do. And I don't even have the assignment specifications yet. These guys should really hurry with giving tasks before I run out of time.

So ok, simply finish the parser and next you'll see. Good thing is, when it's done I can simply leave all syntax checking to the parser and will only need to write to callback-controlled Interpreter. For some strange reason I always start to get bored when it comes to actual program finalization. Maybe it's because I fear that something bad will happen or that I forgot about the bugs. Well, this never really happened in such a scale, so I guess that I simply need to jump over this over psychological hurdle. Let's hop it'll work fine then!

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