UML software

I a first lecture in Software Engineering and Visual Paradigm today and I quite like the general concept of using different kinds of diagrams to describe and visualize the relations of classes, states, objects and other things. My problem with Visual Paradigm is that it is blown and commercial. I don't have a problem with paying 60€ for a student version, but I don't that licenses expire, that you can't start without beeing online (key verification and stuff like that...) and it's general blown and heavy interface. I'm a friend of programs with just the right set and arrangement of features. This in mind, I was looking for a better UML-supporting software for Linux and found Gaphor, but it's definitely still in development, doesn't work so smooht at all. Well, I could design all my stuff with UML, and I don't doubt that it'd be useful when working in a team. But without nicely working software, I don't mind using it. A shame I'll have to use Visual Paradigm this semester. Maybe the registration stuff is just our school license. If it would integrate better into a normal desktop without trying to look soooo busy by calling home for nothing but a key, I'd think about buying a version. But I'd not pay more than 60€ for it. I don't need anything but UML, so I guess this is a total waste of time for it... shitty money grabbers.

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