On my quest to gnomefy my desktop, I recently discovered the usefulness of Totem as video player. Similar to gedit, you can find every necessary in just a few clicks. But like every gnome program, it will take a while to learn why they are so good and what makes them better than other software. I didn't knew Totem has a youtube browser and player. I didn't knew you could simply stream from online locations and add them to Totem's playlist via the standard open file dialog. In it's simplicity it's similar to gedit and that's something I really like so far.

On a sidenode, I noticed that you can't open a second gedit or Totem windows for some reason. Not sure about this, but what is if I want to watch two videos at a time? I know that's rather useless, but sometimes I wonder if those restrictions or concepts are so useful at all. Just saying so 'cause I'd like to use it as an alternative music player (I don't like most other players out there and my current icon-only player doesn't work properly all the time.

Well, maybe I should again look for a nice little player that supports normal files, too. I still don't like Rythmbox, but I somehow appreciate Totem. Feels good to watch video with it. And another great thing about it is that you can simply add URL to your playlist and watch speedruns from SDA for example - completely without downloading it, as a streaming media file.

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