Too much video gaming

I just played too much Borderlands the last days. I even bought the new Claptrap Revolution DLC and I dislike how colorless and boring it appears compared to the main game. The wastelands itself looked nice 'cause they had bright and diverse colors - I can only grey and brown in the new addon, it's really a shame! The idea itself has potential, but simply transforming all kinds of known enemyies into robots doesn't make sense at all. Boring! I want my money back. And all this revolution stuff doesn't really pay off - initially funny, but later it becomes more of a boring and simple plot carrier (along with some re-robotified enemies from earlier the games or other DLCs). Compared to Dr. Ned's Zombie Island (the only other DLC I own), they didn't care about putting interesting and/or lovely stuff in there. I simply adore how Zombie Island and all it's inhabitants. Yes, they just took existing models for most standard zombies and even took the complete Old Haven map, but they made it interesting and completely different in playstyle. The simply fact that we have zombies of varying speed across the whole game forced to get a strategy - even in higher levels they are a threat in groups. And typical beeing for their kind, they always appear in groups of atleast 10 zombies. Not so the claptrap stuff. Just use the typical tactics and shoot your way out. I remember mentioning how I only the DLC more than the main game - simply 'cause it plays differently. Well, that's probably the main reason. I bought a DLC that sounded promising but got disappointed because it isn't. Shit. And why do they flood you with loot so much. Simply kill Cyborg Knoxx and you get a million of chest and even more lockers with only shields and class mods inside. What the fuck do they think is it useful for? I felt like beating the final of the game - this one did have atleast 10 times more loot than any other in the game I know of. Besides, the boss was really easy. I'm 4 levels higher than the "normal" difficulty recommends. That a lot in Borderlands, but no quest so far did change it's level requirements. Maybe because Playthrough has a maximal level? I doubt that - I can remember seeing really challenging zombies on Ned's Island beein around level 38. That's imho totally ok do deal with and not too low.

Ok, ok, I'm totally too much into this game. I played almost every day and even listened to the soundtrack on occasion. It's enough, stop that boy. It makes me sick and depressive to grind my way through boring masses of enemies and loot. Next time I'll play a game, I want to play something like a new Zelda or so. I'd love that! Zelda is a lways so charming. However, it's time to get some abstinencing in here. Breath, take a seat and do something else. Like programming. Or make music. Or watch a good movie. Just don't do anything that requires such abnormal grinding behaviour or defined goals.

Besides, I'm also a bit pissed off in general. Nobody of my fellow student project members wants to start thinking about the project details. I'm eager to await when it finally happens - I always want to start earlier and get my hands dirty soon enough to maximize marks and polish later. Problem is, I have much more experience than the others and can start right off the box with some reference manuals and an internet connection. I'd like to expect that from my fellow students, too, but that isn't possible. I can't expect them having as much interest and experience in making such over-the-top quality as I want for it. I always work alone to avoid that. I can't rely on them making too well-thought code, so I'll eventually have to take a look at their work and address possible mistakes. That's always the case when I work on software projects, together with other peoples. I take the technical lead and help them to understand their work, potential errors and how a clean integration goes. And only a few peeps take this serious. Today we had a little talk and he explained how quick and dirty it's code and his solution was. He knew it was dirty and he want to change it. Reason: still an giant amount amount of time left to finish it. It would be wrong to rage about his stand, since he will need to know what to do and I know he will work hard and long every day to get working what needs to run. Though he seems to be pretty far, I see how actually limited his coding and software design skill is. They all learn, as I do, but it's quite chunk for me to cope with such an attitude towards stuff like that is. I won't be able to convince - told experience can't really replace personal reflection and evolution.

It's going on my nerves, I want people thinking about the stuff I'm saying. I had one and it's too bad he had to repeat the last semester due to health issues. Fuck. Why always the good guys.

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