Simply. Perfect.

Gosh, this operating system is simply awesome. It did everything right that always annoyed me. I didn't have to setup anything, it's main menu is simply perfect and the software manager is the best piece of software installer I've ever seen. It's simply awesome to just sit here and see stuff going on. It's a breeze to work with. Also, it's just made for Desktop use. I don't quite know how it manages multiple users and security, but so far I don't need to manage severa passwords to simply do a sudo. It's great to see how convenient it is and how much it actually works towards me as a user. It auto-mounts all kinds of partitions, I can sudo with my user password (maybe cause it sets the root password to the one the first user), the software manager is just gold, I didn't have to install anything, it boots instantly, every queried download is visible, it shows all useful infos... I don't know what to complain about. Of course, the quotes when you start a terminal are weird at first, but since i almost never close a terminal if I need one, it's just interesting. It's also cool that you can remove every applications from the default installation (unlike Debian), wich is very important to me. So far, it's the best Linux variant I ever tested. Of course does it require a modern machine, but I don't have any old machine anymore I want to work with. I'll simply do a little bookmark backup for Epiphany and gedit (plugins) and everything else is already like should, it simply seems so. Another interesting to note it that it has an interesting community/forum integration. In the software manager you can post small one-liner reviews and and it's IRC clients are preconfigured to automatically visit Mint Linux's IRC channels on application start. That's a good thing, cause newer user will find it immediately useful as they can discuss and explain bugs directly with registering elsewhere. Good stuff, boys.

I'm sure that 20% of this awesomeness comes also frome my rig itself. Extremely clean and detailed resolution comapred to my old T30. Gosh, I just jumped 7 from past into now and it really shows. I love this. Definitely worth it's money. I'm finally there, future and now. Took me quite some time.

I'm stunned, life's is getting easier today. Someone should bless this combination, if it isn't already. And hell, I love up-to-date software. No more old and anticipated Debian 5 packages. Let's get the contemporary ball rolling.

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