I was listening to a lot of good music at Ektoplazm today and got in the mood for making music. Unfortunately I wasn't able to install my soundcard on my PC, since having a more recent rig does mean to NOT have a simple PCI slot. That's annoying and I can't do anything about it. I either buy a new PCI-Express card to get better ASIO support in FL Studio, or I just drop the whole shit and start making music with other equipment. That means I'll a) need a MIDI sequencer I like (FL Studio sucks for recording) and b) that I need to get a MIDI-controlled synth. This is quite expensive. Cause if I get a physically represent synth, I want one that's worth it and I'll also need to find some other synths to serve as addition. What's also shitty is the fact that I won't be able to control other parameters without a digital synth. It totally sucks. Why don't just take my DS-10 and start playing with. And maybe I should just a new soundcard which I'll need in every case, especially for recording...

Nahh, fuck it. Digital music production sucks. I want more lofi synths like the DS-10, only for PC. Maybe I should just wait until Buzztard is out in a usable version and start playing around with it. It's the only tracker so far I'm counting on, so it must be usable some day.

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