pimp gedit further

Oh man, I totally missed these awesome cool third-party plugins on the GNOME website of gedit. I must admit, reading so about UML and software projects let me face the fact that I feel more productive if there's some kind project overview I can expand and work on. gedit has soooo many plugins that it makes it almost impossible to ignore them if you're using at as a sole code editor. Some plugins are hopelessly out-of-date, but some more recent do it fine. I added some minor details to let it feel a bit more like Code::Blocks (alt+tab navigation through opened files, save opened files after exit, etc...) and there is a very, very basic project management. In fact, it's just a bit better and easier to handle than the session manager plugin, but includes the possibility to store your session/project anywhere. That's a good deal for small projects, but mine grew so much that a file manager is far better for managing and editing. My current strategy is Nautilus in spatial mode with list. It's not a real spatial mode, since you can still expand folders in tree view - and that's what it makes like a project manager. Simply click or drag'n drop files to open them in gedit, that's enough.

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