I totally forgot about this one! Friday was a totally worthwhile student day. I learned some basic OpenGL commands along with a first program and explanations from my lecturer. I always thought OpenGL was much more complicated. But in fact, combined with glu and glut, it's very, very easy to put some 3D bits on the screen. It's weird to suddenly see a 3D engine working with my own, custom code. It is so simple, it almost feels... cheap. And kinda useless. I must admit, I'm more interested in Raytracing than hardware-accelerated rendering. Either I got stuck in a point in history were 3D hardware didn't exist (weird, cause I'm still relatively young) or I beyond special hardware and far, far away in time with unified processor architectures. I could actually start using OpenGL as a renderer and glut as an window/input manager. I don't really use any other function of SDL except the input and the renderer, so I see no to switch to OpenGL with my ASCII project. But for pure software rendering I'll have to stick with SDL since OpenGL doesn't support graphics buffer in software memory (just a guess, could be otherwise - and that'd be awesome!). By using OpenGL for displaying my fonts, I can also count on it's ability to stretch graphics and there goes my plan to convert my game's font into a vector one. HD ASCII, I come!

This also gives me too many possible ideas for creating new effects. I couldn't introduce bump map textures on characters, make each map tile a 3D cube etc... That'd be very different to from my original plans, so I'll just have to wait until it's done and write down my ideas or just abandon them. There are so many possiblities this way! Impressive, seriously impressive how easy it is to code 3D graphics today. I always thought it'd be polluted with complex maths, unintuitive handling and completely not for anyone. But well, I must have been a fool to always think 3D is hard stuff. It existed for years before it went into production, earlier computers weren't even capable to do so complex things! I shouldn't always think so simple of complex things and complex of simple things. I kinda turn things in the wrong directions. It's not bad, only flaw is that I can't learn the simple stuff if I personally thought to complex about it.

The world's to small and simple for too complex stuff. Relax, man.

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