New strategy, more learning

I'll freeze my project for a while. First, I want to learn Common Lisp without any pressure in mind. I want to learn it with all possibilities and soak up every bit I can. I can't always have this huge construction in my mind, it kind of depresses to have unmaintained code without any possiblity to rewrite it to suit my needs and wishes. So I'll just officially freeze it so I can keep my mind free with other stuff. Also, moving to another, more convenient and interesting language somehow switched a trigger in my head. I know atleast 4 programming/Scripting languages and can right now start to code stuff. Strangely, I always found everything that was not C/C++ totally useless and ideologically doubtful. As I thought about Lisp's garbage collector, I also understood how actually useful it is to remove trivial tasks from normal programming work. I know how Java did it, I experienced how ActionScript worked. Both languages base on OOP and encourage their users to do so, too. Well, designing with OOP classes makes a lot memory management quite superfluous to it's designer. I saw how I rewrote my code to leave such stuff completely out. I didn't even wanted to use another concept beside object construction/deconstruction! I would do so in C, but starting with pure OOP does give you another base and another way to put them together. Different approaches are useful in different situations. The same with programming languages and their preferred way to represent memory and functionality. So I what I want to say is that I know finally got why it's pointless to use C++ for my goals. It's a hybrid giving me an unclean set of features which can only work together in a limited way. I can remember that I once said that C++ is rather C--. This is also not right. It's something different and inbetween. It can add useful parts to your project, but in a very, very special and limited sense. I'd rather prefer some other languages now to code stuff. And well, I almost only did games so far. I never did much else. And as I want to move to Lisp for my rather undefined game project, C++ offers me no real use anymore except it's performance combined with OOP. I'm not quite sure for what I want to use it, but it's always good to know where it is and what is possible with it.

So since I don't seem to get a book within days, I'll continue reading it online and make some other things meanwhile. I always wanted to an better version of the audio player I'm currently using for my page. One with more interesting visualization and better playlist support. And it feels more possible without having a dying project in mind. But it will relife it's previously hopeful beeing. For sure.

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