New laptop arrived

Yay, my new laptop finally arrived and I won't have to use my old, still working but slightly rapidly aging T30. And god, yes, it is a difference. Even without the appropriate drivers for Linux did it ran faster than my T30. Gosh, that's somethin I'll have to get used to. Unfortunately (and that's the only drawback so far), Debian 5 won't work anymore with it. Kernel failures, no recent xorg and kernel version and not one detected network device says me that it's better to use a recent and modern Linux system to get it running. I didn't want to use Ubuntu anymore (I'm not happy with some of their decisions, it also forces me to completely revamp it's second half for some more preference-matching features), so kicked my own ass far enough to land on Linux Mint's wikipedia page. I found it via a list of Debian derivates, where only Ubuntu and Linux Mint seemed to be useful for normal up-to-date desktop use. Since an Intel GMA is more suitable for gaming than an extremely old ATI mobile card (it was a mess to get it running under Linux), I thought about installing XP on it and try some of my games for some distraction during lessons. But XP doesn't seem to like my new laptop. Immediate blue screen before installation was able to ask it's user for what to do. So it didn't quite work and I installed my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium blabla-whatever-ever-stupid-titles-they-invent (I got a key from my desktop PC, they weirdly gave me two identical CDs of it for some reason...) and voila, it worked! Atleast there are drivers available and I can try to install them later. So nothing can stop me from having both systems available in case I need to install some stupid project organisation software (seriously, these lecturers should give us free decision of which operating system and software to use for our software team management...).

I'm quite surprised how fast everything is. It's a Lenovo Thinkpad L412, sa a rather recent model and has an almost identical keyboard layout (good), ports left and right from the base (good), a webcam (bad) and a much better trackpoint/keyboard combination (feels very nice). All in all I convinced that this one will give me some better workflow aspects, faster rendering and more stuff on the screen (pretty wide display, 1366x768). I was quite stunned that there seem to be four cores according to Debian. I mean what the fuck, four cores? I don't even know any program that even utilizes three to full power. Weeeeeird.

So let's take a look if Linux Mint installs as successful as Windows 7. Gotta hope that.

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