Making a Lisp executable

So the part I'm most curious about is how to make an executable out of my Lisp file or the instructions loaded into the interpreter. As it seem, it is possible to either load every module/part into your machine, setup stuff and make an executable then or to use LispBuilder to simply make an executable out of it. It's also interesting to note that it's possible to include the whole interpreter/debugger in the final application. So you can debug it more efficiently on the running machine. Not I'm not quite interested in that kind of thing, but it's good to know that is nothing between me and making my program available to the world without running in inside such a machine.

I definitely need some kind of modern tutorial or better a guide to understand lisp as a C/C++ programmer. I don't want to waste my time with getting through boring amounts of bloody beginner tutorials.

A nother interesting thing I noticed is the use of fractions. Weird.

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