Lovin it

I love Totem's streaming ability. It's impressive and simply at once to see how much more convenient network-streamed are. You don't need to download it in one piece, there'S no harddrive polution and so on. I know some people who prefer videos in highest quality and giant solution. That's not the case for me. Sometimes, when watching new previews of new games, I have other preferences. I mean if you want to buy a game, do you just buy it and hope is good? There are so many games, that looking at every of it's aspects is important to measure the quality - here comes the necessity for high quality videos to see the game as product in total and not just the gameplay you can see there. However, I still don't need to go highres for that. I'm happy with a low resolution video but with just a few video artifacts. I usually limit my video consumption to playthroughs/let's plays on youtube or speedruns from SDA. And for the latter one there aren't so many runs ready to video in SDA's flash player. So here comes the convenience of Totem: just make a playlist with all video locations (URLs) and enjoy watching the video without downloading all data before. It effectively minimizes the delta between download start and end to zero. Plus, it's faster than Flash. Flash is a massive performance slug on Linux systems. I was rarely able to run my laptop withing having the cooler running at 100%. I haven't yet encountered this problem with Totem as a standalone player. the only bad thing about it, is that you can't just play any video/audio codec combination. Codecs are still important to get and not everything is working always (like the youtube plugin). I still don't know why it doesnt work, though all necessary libraries are already installed. It seems that Totem can't get find a valid link to the video files itself, search does work fine without any problems.

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