all this KDE vs Gnome stuff

Yesterday I had a rather unfulfilling "discussion" with one of my fellow students about why I use Gnome etc. It's childish to ask and argue like that. There's so much silly "this is better!" stuff going in the Linux fan world, I just don't understand why. Maybe most Linux users are just like that. Haven't yet encountered so many who keep saying that it doesn't really matter.

So I decided to install a complete KDE desktop in addition to my Gnome setup. I usually like to keep everything clean and since the standard Gnome software becomes more and more interesting to me, it conflicts with installing KDE a bit. However, I wanna finally know why they always tell that KDE has better software. I always found KDE feels stuffed with features, with a look only making it seems more complicated than it should. Gnome felt nicer this way - all applications look simple but do alsmost everythig necessary. And why bother with more visually stressful stuff on the screen?

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