wine me some music

Man, that's just great. Debian puts Wine in "System Tools" in the main menu, and not in an own Menu like Ubuntu. This is good. It doesn't put unnecessary clutter where it's not necessary to create an own menu with programs and icons and so on. Wine is just a helper who is meant to be as a tool to execute windows programs, not to extend your desktop with windows applications. Also, Debian doesn't a secondary menu editor, just the default GNOME editor. I always wondered why there are two menu editors editors in Ubuntu instead of just one. Even weirder, you could remove items from one editor and they still show up in the other. And re-adding it did make multiple copies of it in the other editor. It was weird, good thing there's only one editor now. I still don't know why there is also an invisible "Debian" menu I can't see in the main menu when clicking on it. I don't know. But hey, there's always documentation for big distributions. And since I use one of the oldest ones, there should be something to read about it and how it works.

So far I only had to install JDK (java), flashplugin-nonfree (Adobe's  flash plugin) and Wine. Sounds good. I'd like to appreciate Rythmbox, but there are some weird errors related to web radios. I'll just try to work with it, since it looks equally well-designed as every other GNOME software. Using a music player with libraries and a more sophisticated library/archive system also forces me to tag and sort my music... I have thousands of music files and renaming them would be a pain. If there's a way to synchronize them with an internet database, It'd be awesome to know one that integrates well into Rythmbox or the file names Rythmboxcan interpret.

Seriously, music player are all the same. And always selecting music from files if you already arranged them like a database  is just silly. "Open file" dialogs are so ineffective if it comes to music. And you always have to browse to where it is...

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