Anjuta's build system is kinda weird. It's not Anjuta itself, but what was never told in the documentation was, that you always have to run an autogen script to generate your makefile so you can actually make an executable of it... That's rather unsual compared to what I'm used to. Basically, it's just like a more comfortable way to edit makfiles and autoconf stuff. Instead of automatic stuff everywhere, it rather feels like a GUIfied version of a command line compilation. I'm not sute if I exactly like this. I understand how cool autotools are and so on, but it'd be much cooler to have an "automatic" mode, like in CodeBlocks, where you just need to push a button and it starts execution after everything is done. It's quite convenient. And dead-simple. Maybe there IS actually a function like that in Anjuta and I didn't detect it. But at the moment I have perform around 5 pushes/actions to see my app execute. Annoying and not necessary. Editing is one thing, compiling another. I give it some days, if it starts annoying me too much I'll start switch to make + gedit again. Reading more about makefiles again, I think it's really better to write an own little program that enables project management via command line. Maybe even a gedit plugin later? Would be cool. From what I currently know, I don't need necessarily autoconf. I like how Anjuta enables me to use the underlying system common for everything, but having tested it more than just a day let me decide to leave it as and where it is to pick it up later when things go more complicated and big. I use many small projects and for testing and the bigger ones just take files from them. And since most of them are just templates and inlined classes/functions without so special relationships... I don't know. Also, gedit symbol browser plugin takes all opened tabs/files (if specified) and gives a global overview. That eliminates most problems I have with non-IDEs.

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