Waffentechnisches Handbuch by Rheinmetall

Howstuffworks inspired to find a book about guns and all kinds of shooting in weapons in general. And while browsing the webs for it, I found the "Waffentechnisches Handbuch" written by Rheinmetall, the most complete book about guns, their construction and the physics behind them in general. Seriously, this book is be a must-have for everyone interested in gun technology. Unfortunately, there only a very low number of books available, since the craft of gun making is rare in countries with strictly controlled weapon laws. I can only be found in older version from 1973 and with somewhat heavy prices from 85 to 165 Euros. There are also newer version, though I really don't how to get them. I found an ebay auction running right now, maybe I can persuade my sister to use their ebay account for me this time. It's current price is 1 Euro! I hope nobody is searching for it except me and I can get it... The alternative would be to try to get it via it's ISBN number. I'm 100% sure I won't get it anymore - 15 years old (1995) and plenty time to buy it without leaving any book left in 2010... Let's see if I can get one. I need this book!

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