I haven't visited TIGSource for a while since Big Jam, except recently for hiding Email and IM-Messenger IDs. Some minutes ago I thought why not to take a quick look without logging - maybe it changed a bit to be worth reading it again. But well, nothing changed. TIGS is still a place of boring pretentionados using all their ever-same way to stray informations flat in their networks. Honestly, and even more if I think about how ugly everything felt during both Big Jams, this place isn't anymore one I want return to. I can't stand looking at it, it's so far away from even beeing in the outer areas of my tolerance. That's a combination of several factors, one beeing the heavy use of so called "memes" and all the other stupid internet stuff broadcasted by exactly the one kind of human I utterly avoid everytime I see them in realworld encounters. And I don't really care about that worshipped "indie" element in their internet culture. It's the same as to pretend beeing so alternative cause one's listening to bands nobody except oneself knows. As useless as buying super-expensive branded clothes to impress or whatever shitty use it has to make yourself a fashion victim. A completely waste of time that can be spend otherwise. I see no worth in it, as I do in such hubs in general. Just another another reason to live on a lone mountain.

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