The third semester is coming closer, and with it also the circumstance of having to with my laptop a little bit more. And most of the time I'm working with my laptop is filled with speedruns and code editors. I must admit, I didn't really program anything lately since the Big Jam desaster. I only reworked what had to be reworked and everything else was left behind. And the more I think about it, it's time to "re-unite" all the small programs that were once a single project - my orthogonal ASCII raytracer. I only worked toward it and most stuff not connected to this big goal was more or less soon left behind or frozen. And as I now think about it, it became clear to me that it is a pain to organize so many small "projects". In fact, I build them with a clear vision of data management in mind, more like a set of ideologies and not like seperate projects. So in order to revive my still completely unmaintained renderer, I need to put everything together in one big structure. It's time to give it an objective and an identity. Forming new projects from old, well-thought but abandoned, sources does always give me new energy. After I passed the second turn of my previously flunked math exam, I will give a shape and name. No boring like insert-name-here library or fancy-abbreviation toolkit. No. It deservers a name as a system, as a standard to work with. It forms every code I design and write, it IS a de facto standard for me. Seeing it as a library come close to an insult for it. It's rathera law to me. Ok, that was enough motivational bring-brang-brung-put-together. Today is a day of practising the thruth behind maths: trial and error.

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