some things bugging me

What's bugging me with Debian 5.0 is that it's Nautilus browser is version 2.20.0 and doesn't support reverting files back to where they are from trash. That is a big problem for me. For example, some apps allow you to delete files directly without you knowing from were they came. For example, I used accidently deleted around hundret files in Rythmbox and they all landed in the trash without having ANY option to recover them. That's fucking bad. So, fortunately, newer Nautilus releases support recovering files from trash. Unfortunately, it also means that I have to install many, many, many other files to upgrade to this version (let's say that it looks like a half GNOME desktop...). Well, nothing is perfect. I want this feature.

Also, Rythmbox is really nothing I want to cope with. the problem is, it works with tags and assumes that every file name is formated in a special name and is thus convertable to a tag-based database etc... That doesn't work. NEVER. Download songs from 5 different sites and the system fails. I need a better one. One that actually bases on folder or trees, but not on another database different from the files. And auto-tagging does also not work. They work by comparing files in folders to internet databases depending on whole combination of the track list, track lengths, etc... It's similarly hilarious to what Rythmbox tries to do. Where does it think do people get all their music from? Man, nobody listening to so many ripped video game soundtracks like does reformat each track one downloads... I don't sit all day long infront of my PC to rename Okami's millions of music files.

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