Now that's a surprise

How awesome life can be! Debian's GNOME desktop starts up slow than OpenBox + several CrunchBangyties, but it has performance. Yes, Performance (TM). No slowdowns for editors, just generally slower rendering of everything. I don't why, but the stereotypically slow GNOME/GTK desktop performs much better than every Ubuntu version I tried so far. It is weird. Debian and Ubuntu use Gnome, but they have significant speed differences. Currently, I'm typing this is in Epiphany and I don't see a reason to install Firefox again. Epiphany starts much faster and doesn't have so heavy slowdown at first try. And as I assume that this won't change, I'll stick with it and have a generally faster desktop.

I'm really surprised by how different it performs at all (the GNOME desktop and it's collection in general). I take everything back about GTK beeing to slow and bloaty, this new desktop environment changed my mind. I'm sooo pleeased at the moment. Also, I can experience Nautilus with spacial mode! It doesn't look so... strained, and clutterless. I like how I can see which folders are opened just by looking and the icons other folder. It works simpler and more natural. I can see a folder as one object and don't have to worry about having too many unrelated folder structures in my head. I like so far. And you can still open a browser mode or a tree view just by clicking, using a shortcut or changing the settings. It's imho less clutter, cause I see every additional icon/action as clutter. Most toolbars are filled with navigation icons, which I really see as unnecessary clutter at all.

So here I come, world of normalized working environments! Finally some more comfort for computing. I'm glad that I still know which programs I need except the already preinstalled one. I like terminal applications, but not as much that I'd like to completely switch to non-graphical user interfaces. Ok, maybe I should just try to appreciate the comfort of modern GNOME software and step back from using so many niche solutions. Atleast I can get a perfect integration this way - more than before in all cases.


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