Nice stuff

Found some nice stuff in local media market! Three soundtracks at all (Blade Runner, Borderlands and Monster hunter 3) and finally a functioning MP3 player. It took me some longer time to buy a new one since my previous player starting doing weird boot up shit and had battery problems right after guarantee expiration... I'm not quite sure what the name of it is (kinda weird), but it works fabulously - which is kinda hard to find on a market filles with silly video/audio player mixes and just no real good and pure MP3 players. And if you find one, they mostly have no folder view, which is vital to a bigger MP3 collection without tags. I'm also quite satisfied with the soundtracks I bought. The Borderlands soundtrack is as good as in the game (interesting to see Stalker's composer, MoozE in the credit list - he did some drum programming) and Monster Hunter's music is just beautiful - especially the town tracks delivers so fine blends between percussy dingdang and cut blipbleeps, it's a breeze to listen to it. Very entertaining and well-made. Also cool to hear so many percussions in a soundtrack forming most parts of it. Only some real melodies, the rest is theme as a rather short and intermixed palette of short note sequences (yeah, there's a difference for me). Maybe some day I'll buy the game and try to cope with it. And weeee - I can't believe they added the "cooking musics" between tracks. Maybe they wanted to "spice it up" a bit...

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