More Metro stuff

So this game seems to be my current obsession as it seems. I liked the ideas and the general feeling, but I often felt like something was wrong - especially with the enemies ability to survive many, many shots instead of the usual few. It just felt wrong, everything was so well-thought out (except some weapon designs, hehe) but what I was doing all the time was either trying to find the most powerful weapon in the given situation and to save military-grade ammo to buy better weapons. This way, it only made fun for the first time.

And suddenly steam updated it and there were some new difficulty modes. I already played without crosshair from the beginning and so I didn't really see a difference in the newly added "Ranger Easy" mode - felt exactly like before. So I just tried out the next difficulty - "Ranger Hardcore". And mama-mia, suddenly there was the original Metro game I read a long while ago. As far as I can remember, they wanted to hide every kind of HUD element to have no guess how much ammo or many filters/medkits are left. So Ranger Hardcore is what's sticking all elements together. No HUD except when looking at your wrist watch and higher damage to all entities in the game makes it exactly what you've expected after reading some early reviews. It doesn't take a million shots to bring down enemies, first hit finally pays off and you learn how useful all these selfmade guns with low-capacity magazine are. It's the only game I played so far which does it right. Many concepts in my ASCII game design base on such elements - no HUD, manual bullet management and much more ideas. This game mode shows me again how cool it is to play such a game. Sometimes I think I'm just copying how you load and operate guns in reallife, but maybe it's just me forgetting how I like good survival-oriented games. They are very rare, but Metro 2033 does it right. Or atleast it's a beginning to make commercial games more interesting to people like who love more complex gunning action and all the non-shooting gun stuff, too.

Yeah, maybe I just develop some kind of video game fetishism for all possible gun-related objects, not just the shooting itself (which also deserves a general overhaul, usage-wise). I wish a game with gun-related elements that's not just a kill fest, but also uses guns to solve puzzles and other not fighting-related problems.

That'd be a better game I think. Come on devs, we're in the world of video games! Why don't we just show off how creative one can go by just changing the usual usage of objects? Can't be wrong to do something actually different with them.

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