Hey! Um, yeah. Life's still going on and so. Got it, fail happens to everyone. So I started thinking in programmer terms again and already planned out how to bring my engine to work again. A lot of rewriting with the new toolkit, some new and primitive classes to keep code maintable and some more motivating architectures. I will again not mention anything about what is good and not, but only what's an obvious flaw and should be corrected or is just too useful/convenient to ignore. Seems that hacking through Java's relatively strong concepts brought gave me some more reasons to think about special and general purpose classes again. I still suffer from ego injury, but it is getting better. To loosen the critic I wrote before - the stuff in the exam wasn't impossible to solve with more preparations. Limit calculation, differentiation of all possible functions, convergence of series... It rather difficult stuff. Not so difficult to grasp (I did it anyway) but hard to master. And this is where his "fault" kicks in. Never in the whole semester I thought of how hard he would make the exam. It was possible to solve of course - but not with the impression he gave all the time. I wish I could've had more time before. You can't just really on what a lecturer does and that's what I learned today. In normal everyday school live you learn to cope with teachers wanting exactly this one way to solve a problem from you. But you face totally different problems, most related to the golden balance between invested time and difficulty. That's the problem with a bachelor degree in Germany - they have to put in all the stuff they once had in a much longer period with less stress and better learning curve.

Atleast I know more than before. I know the theory and how to apply it on standard formulas. Now it's time to master it - if I need it or not.

However, I started some kind of speedrun project for Metro 2033 with a guy on forum.speeddemosarchive.com. He already did his own run before which I wont be able to see unless there are enough verifyers, probably including me. It's quite a trial-and-error concept one need to save time in this game. Creativity in getting around the developer's very clean and well though-out level limitations. A huge amount of scripting, never seen intractable stuff like that in a game before. What's possible is to save time in the free-roaming areas and the not-so trigger-controlled levels where you just need to get to a specific gate on the map. And for certain levels is definitely good to play on hardcore, since this mode dramatically increases efficiency for all weapons.

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