I wonder why I do always fall in love and fascination with projects gone nirvana. Sonic Xtreme or the old Stalker game for example. There are some more, but I often forget them until I find some pictures of them in my screenshot folder or read about it. I think it's because they often deliver to much dreamwork in it and suffer from some significant problems. Problem of all kinds and not just technological or bug-related. It gives them a special aura of myth and dreaming - something that most actual productions can't deliver, except they are very, very well-developed in all aspects. The games I keep deep down in my heart, the ones that really gave me visions and inspiration: creativity, mania and love - these became what the failed projects could become. A true milestone. A source of energy, more than multivibrant compared to other beeings not even able to even reach the dimensions in where those virtually fleshed dreams climbed from their very beginning.

Ok, enough with this Zen shit and back to work, morons.

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