So let's try this Debian distribution. Debian comes with all most important desktop environments (I'll test them as far as I want) and doesn't seem so incompatible like Ubuntu to older hardware. I can't convince myself to use something different than apt, since it's sofar a trusted way to install new packages for me. I just want the whole system to get faster. I mean older Ubuntu versions also worked well, so why should a Debian, the base for Ubuntu, not work? Personally, it's better to check Debian before completely go away from this path. I can't do anything wrong with it, since I see no difference in Debian to what I need as a working system. Same package management, favorite apps can be installed later, several desktops/window managers to choose from. I see nothing bad about it. Only thing I'm afraid of is that everything will be slow again. That's the only major concern floating 'round in my head

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