bad idea

It was a bad idea to install the new Nautilus from sid archives. Not because of Nautilus, but because of the fact that I totally fucked my desktop and couldn't install it again. What a pity. I reinstalled everything and it surpringly much less time than before. Hooray for quick internet connection. Fortunately, I didn't set up anything unrecoverable except the Epiphany bookmarks. I'll juszt stick with how it is atm and learn to cope with this kind of recovery-less trash. And after trying the spatial mode some more times, it's really nicer to work with because you get a better feeling/perception of how many and which you opened. And yeah, the "one object for one folder" does really work better for me, as I also see every window as an object on harddrive (part of a software). If it comes the internet browsing, I'm glad that most of them don't use a spatial mode, cause I mostly open so many webpages in one session that it would become hard to recover to navigated/visited sites in the right oder (the most important part in my browsing behaviour). Well, I'm glad that Debian's default installer doesn't install so much shit I don't need. Though I can't help why anyone would moron software like "Cheese". Well, I probably just don't have webcam. Or Xsane (well, I also don't have a scanner...). But hey, it's really a minimal setup and that's good. Only thing I need to gt rid of is Rythmbox. I strongly dislike is library system. And also don't like Totem. I prefer VLC - usually cause it's the only video player I ever liked, and I never really watch videos except DVDs, for VLC is totally ok for. So yeah, let's find a better music player after I beat this one quest in Fallout 3....

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