This fucking card

Everything preventing from using my ATI card, a ATI HD 5750, is the X.org server. It doesn't even recognise it a graphics card using lspci. I tried many things, but it seems that I have to go back to an older version of Ubuntu. Oh, that's so mean! Why is it such horrible thing? Really, somebody should cut the vicious tongues of all reponsible persons. This way no other driver will even remotely work (except failsaveX mode which I'm usign currently...). It sucks. Totally. Next graphics card will be one by nVidia...

Atleast it seems that it's possible to install Firefox 3.6.8 without too many problems. Of course, it's still a lot more work than on a windows system, but I only think about the rewards I get via the operating system and the procedure of learning to install this stuff by myself. I learned a lot and feel glad for beeing "better" than before. If nothing works, I could still try to look why the restricted ATI drivers worked within karmic.

Agh, wait. I also tried to install the official ATI linux drivers and it seems that the only thin I need is some kind of build-essential package which I don't get cause it's not visible in the repositories. Maybe I should just add another repositories to get and thus try the ATI driver again? Well, Linux is full of possibilities. If one way doesn't work, try another or remix it. Still better than in windows where you really get no real help. I never learned about windows by using windows. That's why I love Linux: you learn much more than on any other operating system I know.


CrunchBang seems pretty good

Tested it. Even the live CD is lightweight and fast. This will be my new T30 system. Hopefully everything will work right with Codeblocks, cause I can't get on so easy and do it the hardcore way. I'm still a softy, though... Anyway, compiling without IDE means to know your compiler and your libraries right. Maybe it's really better and I'll learn how make scripts for everything I'm doing. Maybe I'll even able to master make files, which I somehow didn't really liked during my C assignment I that required a make file.

However, CrunchBang seems to made for people that seem to enjoy a clutterless desktop for maximum concentration on what you're actually doing and not how smart your operating system looks like... I like it so far. It's only the live CD, but I believe it is the right way to go. Only annyoing thing is that I don't have a super key. In CrunchBang, the default settings use the super key plus other literals to open the mediaplayer, terminal, browser, etc. It is a great key for that but I don't have one! Maybe I can replace it with some other Thinkpad-only key.

I have to say it's really great so far. Good software compilation and a good interface. Would be great if it works with newest ATI cards, too. Another good about it is the rightclick menu. There is not typical rightclick on desktop as most people are used too. Instead, it's the main menu and contains every necessary command you'd ever need to day-to-day computer activities including menu entries to edit all settings of the window manager and the system directly. Good idea!

Yeah, I'm pretty satisfied at the first moment. Some things just need some time to get discovered. I discovered CrunchBang, my new love. I hope it loves me, too!

Getting a new linux distro

Yep, that's I'm doing this evening/night. First of all, it's important to set up my T30 correctly. Lucid does work, yes, but somehow... slow. Even slower than karmic. And karmic was also pretty slow, there wasn't sooo much joy coding in Codeblocks since it already consumes a pretty high performance on it's own. Well, lucid doesn't make better, only worse. I already browsed some lists of interesting Linux distribution and all I want at the moment is a Ubuntu variant that's suitable for older machines as my T30 is one. Potential candidates are Lubuntu and CrunchBang Linux. Lubuntu cause it seems to be made for low-end hardware and has a more light appearance than Ubuntu itself. What I don't like about it is LXDE as desktop environment and the software they did choose in general. I'm not a friend of whole the constellation. Of course could I just install/uninstall what I want, but what is if need to reinstall the whole thing? That would take ages to customize it every time. So there CrunchBang. It is even more minimalistic and has a window manager I never tried before. I'm intrigued by its presentation - it's almost nothing, but nearly every software I would need for everyday work. Plus it can install almost every Ubuntu package (atleast the websites states so). Well, I'm downloading CrunchBang right now. It's only 620,5 MB big and thus much smaller than the blown Ubuntu which's extreme amount of preinstalled is just a total overkill for what I need. It seems I can install all of my favourite Linux software on both distributions.

Only thing that bothers me is that my burner is on the desktop PC, what also leads to download CrunchBang in failsafe graphics mode that maps my 16:10 screen to 4:3. That looks extremely ugly I have to say and is probably not really healthy at all.

Since lucid is screwing up my ati driver, I better reinstall karmic or get a new a distro. I'm tempted to install something completely different. Since all my personal data is stored on two EXT3 partitions independent from the Linux partition, I can go wild and test every possible distro I'd ever want to test with my system. So if I find a distro where my ATI cards works good, I'm sure to keep it installed instead of an official Ubuntu release. I'm atm not interested in using 3D acceleration on my desktop. For 3D games I'm having a windows partition, for development I only software rendered graphics or 2D acceleration. So I don't rely that much on it.

Let's see how far this will go. If nothing works I can still go back to karmic and do my best to wait for an ati-compatible release.


Of course do the few sample CDs I'd buy cost a shitload of bucks. Fuck, why would anybody pay 90€ to collection of indian sound samples. I mean yes, they contain sooo much that it is a price beeing ok for the amount of work put into it but I dont' need so many of them! Just a portion... Fuck it. Also, it sucks that they don't offer CDs for all of them. I mean Directwave is a shit plugin. I hate that there are soooo many soundfont-like samplers within FL Studio with samples for each note - I don't need this! I need samples directly. And they pack so that you can only use within the plugin they want you to use for it. I say fuck it!

Ubuntu 10.4

I finally decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.4 lucid lynx. At first I tried it on my desktop PC and somehow fucked up the whole package management. I settled over to try it on my laptop, which worked surprisingly well. Took some hours but surprise, surprise! I knew there would be a solution for my desktop PC and I actually found it's problem inside the package supplier list (or how it was called). So in the end it was finally able to download all the necessary upgrades and I reboot the machine. And - well - of course something wouldn't work so right. Especially cause I'm using an ATI card. You know, the one GPU supplier that does just not work with Linux (and somehow doesn't want to). All I get after a pretty pink loading screen is absolute darkness. No reaction from the screen, it's doesn't get any data from the graphics card. It works in lowres mode via recovery mode, so it's something driver-related. I found many ubuntu users complaining about exactly this problem and some found a solution with special boot parameters via GRUB. Didn't work for me. I don't want to downgrade, since the new Ubuntu does look so pretty and nice! Totally, I'd rather install/uninstall all drivers by hand instead of changing the version again. Also, it's just the driver which I previously installed on karmic the same way, too. Fortunately, lucid supports an actually WORKING 3D acceleration for my T30 laptop! That's amazing cause it didn't work on karmic. So I'll FINALLY be able to play some 3D games, see system popup messages and use Ubuntu's standard process viewer... It's weird on how many stages the driver did weird, wrong visuals. And somehow I turned back to the "coding on notebook, media on desktop" attitude. This is good - programming itself is a pretty... monotonous work, if you rather need to cheer up and be happy all day long! I'll transfer my current projects on the T30 some day (atleast before I'm goin to BIGJam) and will instead use windows to make music.

Also, talking about music, I wanna buy some good sample CDs. I got one "free" for buying FL Studio 8 and it contained all the samples I used for the tracks I still like today. It's better to have royalty-free material. I read this really interesting article on Music Radar about a musician using built-in samples which weren't exactly royalty-free or free to use in general... I cant remember using some of the built-in loops, but filtered so heavily that they are just distorted and rearranged bits of the original. Well, I didn't knew they weren't free for use. Fortunately, I own a "partial" copy of Sample Fusion's Generic Samples CD which I got with the FL Studio 8 boxed version some years ago. I need to organize my sample base and customize FL Studio a bit more... However, the samples are pretty good for what I'm used to and work well together with FL Studio's plugins. I'm tempted to buy some more Sample Fusion CDs but their download samples aren't reachable, so I won't be able to preview. That's bad. Nothing else. Will look if I can get some of these sample examples somewhere else.

Oh right, they use DirectWave for accessing them, hm... I don't like such per-note sampling plugins. I like slicers, simple samplers and filters. I don't need sp many note-specific recordings, you know... It's funnier to stretch sample data for some different results. That's why I like trackers, they usually don't mind altering the samples directly for different notes.


Blogs as sending communication

I usually don't have comments on my blog post and I rather see it as a more or less anonymous mind open to the public as far as internet can go there. So I only send information out to the world, without beeing mentioned or even discuess anywhere. I don't care about how many people could or will/do read this, but is - at all - a kind of communication, even if I only perceive it as a just sending, not receiving. Also, writing blogs about yourself and what you are thinking/doing/learning/making is - depending on what kind of person you are - always a communication with yourself, your mind, your person as a whole. I prefer this "self communication" over everyother kind. When I read other blogs from people I like to follow and who write for a similar reason, I feel like we both do benefit from it - two one who is writing and learning and the one who consumes the knowledge and evolution in his words. It's a passive communication that isn't bound to a timeline - every writing can be read again, the evolution is always conserved for an undefined but lasting amount of time to overcome things produced by time-based communcation like talking, chatting and so on. Sometimes we all just need to write stuff and want nobody disturbing your words. That it is, the blog.

Days like the one occuring just right now, days in which you - again - will be disturbed by stuff you did wrong, days in which you are fulfilled with a series of undefined feelings, these days are essential keys to enjoy the way of communicating with yourself, others, and the whole world.


Well, as much as I like the concept of packages on Linux, installing Codeblocks works but starting doesn't. I mean hey, installation instructions should usually work, right? I'll just stick with the old version (which sucks) or update to the next Ubuntu version if it has a higher CB version number.


OF COURSE is there a newer version out... I mean 8.x is much less than 10.x, you know...

Looking for a new IDE

I'm sure whether to post this or not. Anyway, I'm not so satisfied with CodeBlocks under Linux. Linux is great, especially cause you can control everything whith keyboard shortcuts. But CodeBlocks isn't smart this way. It's simple to use with mouse, but how about switching to the project manager window and focussing it? There is either a key combination I don't know, or it's just not possible. If the latter one right, I'd like to get something different, that's controllable via keyboard. I don't talk about shit like VI, but something that works terminal would be interesting, too. Unfortunately, I don't know of ANY terminal application that features modern features like codeblocks can give me. All I want is to control CodeBlocks completely with keyboard, but the fact that it doesn't correct it's gadget focus everytime makes me pretty angry.

Um, I could try some newer packages, right? Yeah, that may be the problem... Maybe not. Let's check it out!



Yay! Last exam done. Next will be sweeeeet: listen to your giant video game music collection, code whatever you want, play games all day long, enjoy the weather, sleep as long as you want, stay awake as long as you want, visit cool meetings and fairs held everywhere - awwwwwwesome! All great today.

10.0 / 10.0

Fuck yes. Best mark ever for flash audio player ftw.


Reinvent your music

Coding this audioplayer wasn't really fun, but since I used my own music as audio material in the playlist, there is a strong demand growing inside of it. I want to make music again like I did it with FL Studio 8: drum and pad samples, distortion, echoes etc - all the stuff that makes brutalishly fucked up and noisy sound structures. The last track, number 4, you can hear in the player is one kind of music I always wanted to continue. I called it "military noise" since it has a kinda military-like lead beat and extreme noises in general. The whole track list is full of stuff like that, but number 4 is definitely unique in it's hole beeing. I want to build up some more tracks from this on so that I can provide some more tracks like number 4. Maybe I can even find some ways away from just using samples and using my KORG synths for noise, too. I always found it hard to find samples that work well together with my effet chains, so maybe with some modification I'll be able to generate just right the sound waves I want to have as a base material. And well, even if I don't the synth itself to work like a perfect noisable sample, I'll try to write some plugins in Synthedit or even in C++. Since I learned how it is to create visualizations in Flash with existing band filters, I think it'd be to use a framework and code some effective VST plugin for use in FL Studio.

Music-wise, I also want to combine this extreme noise with rather low level melody parts here and there to bring some themed feeling through the whole milietary noise concept. But basic focus will be extreme noise with brutal beat lines and variation in drum sequence layering. Another problem I'm having is that I always used multiple drum loops made out of a many, slightly different drum samples which again result in very different sounds each. So I also need automated, reproducable sound variation. Maybe with some BPM-synched sound filters I can use for filter sequencing? There was a VST called "Glitch" or so many people for such things. Well, let's try this. But to be honest, I'd rather prefer a way to switch specific VSTs on and off int the sequence. There must be a way to do this in FL Studio comfortably.

It is done

This fucking audio player I mean. The one I had to do for uni. Here it is. And it isn't even a bad one.


Biggest shit on earth

Flash is, together with Microsoft-Software, the biggest shit on earth. Every Adobe product is shittier than anything else you'll see in the world of computing. It's a goddamn shitload of abominable scum, even more horibble than SQL with joins (if SQL itself isn't not enough). No consistency. I'm not sure if I want to see Flash as something that survives future technology. Probably not. And no, HTML5 is nothing better.

Like always, everything from this company is plain shit noone should ever touch in a lifespan. I demand more scripting-less web content but more real programming with languages that were thought as something that works fine in reallife production and pleeeeaase not just like a stupid concept from 3-year-old diaper sailer. Fuck off you webdesigner tards, Flash is dead and always was. Learn to play like REAL DEVELOPERS.


AccurateEnglish videos

There's a very nice series of videos on youtube that teach you how to sound american in pronunciation (I somehow think this word should be "pronounciation"...). Not that I need to sound american - which I already do. But I always wanted to know what the EXACT differencen between American and English pronounciation is. I was watching a Harry Potter movie with my sister and didn't understand just one word. Not only because they are pretty fast in spelling but they also pronounce them veeerrry different from what I'm used to hear. So, I was able to make out most of the differences just by watching these videos! They are very well done and really explain what the differences are and how you can archieve an american sound, too. Well, I'm pretty happy I sorted that out pleasantly. Oh and I feel like I should buy this book where these lessons are from. Yeah, they kinda got me I think.


Yay! My father had a box of springs on hand I can use for further experiments! I'm very glad I got some, because my experiments showed that it would be very, very hard to create all the mechanics I need to create such video game guns I want with just rubber bands. So yeah, I'm gonna try some ammo concepts now. Maybe I'm even able to make them smaller and MORE powerful for longer trajectory. Yes, this will be awesome. I'm tired of all the rubbers I had to use all the time. Plus, I'm running out of "supplies", so these springs do come in handy. I'm not sooo happy about the different sizes, cause non of them fit perfect around LEGO axles or pins/connectors. But well, nothing is perfect. It's still better than nothing!


Some more reference stuff

Well, I think I alread this webpage (on a sidenote as I remember correctly), called Today's Hunter. At first, this isn not only a page about ruthlessly killing innocent animals like most of the fuckers visiting this site like to do. It is also a great, not to say insanely detailed site for if it comes to all kinds of firearms used for hunting. And, -well- I used the site as a inspiration for the bolt-action carbine and didn't really understand how it worked at all. And yeah, I visited this page again to see how a better break-action mechanic works and after some minutes I completely understood how it works and am stunned by how simple but complex gun mechanics are. Not to say that I'm almost amazed of how useful the stuff you can see there. They use flash animations where you can click on the single elements of the gun to see in which order they are usually used while seeing all the mechanical parts moving and doing their cycle. It's simple and can teach a lot about how specific action-types work, if you really take some free minutes to study them. Well, I'm motivated enough to see this a real reference, not just an inspiration. No more gears within triggers, it's time for springs and hammers! Yes, springs. I'll get some the next days or weeks to replace the annoying happenings when using rubber bands. Rubber bands aren't really useful for smaller mechanics. They use a shitload of space and are limited in how power they can absorb. Also, using rubbers in cartridges makes them pretty long and big. I'm looking forward to using springs inside cartridges to make them much, much smaller. Well, I'll of course need a cartridged as long as the spring, but I'll instead be able to do much more with them.



As I already mentioned, magazine and cartridge don't go so well together with the system I'm using at the moment. I'm sure it'll work when adding gears and other stabilizing element. That requires some more work and since I'm playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat again, I'm more intrigued with taking some references here and there. First of all, I still need to make a doublebarreled cartrigde rifle! I noticed how well you can play Stalker with an upgraded pistol, lots of grenades, and a fully-upgraded Hunting shotgun. To be more specific, the ingame weapon was modeled after a TOZ34 hunting shotgun and is fortunately rather simple, magazine-less in construction and thus suitable for my LEGOing skills. My idea is to make an exact LEGO Technic model that looks like the ingame model except with different colors and mechanic. I know - it's not possible to archieve a similar with just LEGO technic, but I can still use it as a reference for what I want to make. I'll probably need to use some more different constructions this time, especially for the stock, the grips and maybe for the cartriges, too. I beat the demotivation that came together with the bolt-action model and I think it's time to try a 3x3 caliber again. Of course, only if the 4x4 caliber is too big to look like the ingame model. Maybe I should take at the dimensions of shotgun shells and the TOZ34 itself, so that I can be sure to have the right size in mind.

Oh fuck, I guess this one will take a shitload of LEGOs!


Rethinking design

I build another gun! I planned a double-barreled modell, the result was something completely different. I once had the idea of horizontal magazine arrangement that is more like a stack of multiple barrel you can select by pushing the magazine from side. Or like a revolver except rotation, cylinder and the thing you use for chamber rotation. So, yeah. For this model, the gun is just a frame used to keep the stitched barrels in place. At the moment, it has 4 barrels of which only the two in the middle work. It's a bit weird that the outer barrels do not work. I'm currently testing a version with "dummy barrels" that should behave like the other barrels 'round the two working ones.I'm really not sure anymore why only these two work. Probably due the weight that's missing left or right, making the whole thing instable if nothing's on the sides.

All in all I'm looking for a version that actually works. After I did all the other things I have to do.


I already knew that I'm having problems with texts if I'm not focussed on reading, but somehow I even tend to to forget complete words and whole text passages. Well, this happens more often the last time and I'm sorry for all the content-destroying left-out words you'll probably see here and there. This only happens when I don't need to concentrate at all. Some months ago I still had to focus on the english sentences I'm writing, therefore not so many mistakes I did. Somehow I got better at it and it became like something I'm doing every day. Well, I guess I got good enough to don't even think about it? Hm, who knows.^



Gotta say that my site, with graphics disabled, looks as good as with graphics enabled. Nothing can beat the beauty of pure text and color.


Fuck science

You know what? Science sucks. Their results are often questionable in use and necessity. If there's one thing that's behind reality, it is science. And if you want argue about, just forget it. I never met a scientist who's actually someone to grasp stuff behind his horizon without studying it forever. They lack connection other areas of knowledge, interdisciplinariety and such - just nothing. I don't like scientists cause they are very often obsessed by their own profession. And less often I saw them acting like, you know, humans that are less human than scientists think. Cause a lot of scientists I know -depending on where and what they are working on- have a very fixed position about facts, how and what humans do, what is a thing to do and what not; not beeing able to identy naturally interdisciplinary links. What I'm basically saying is that the problem with science itself -dedication, work on just one thing, factifying and other shit- makes them so hilarious if it comes to stuff that does just not work well with what they are doing. How can I describe it? Well, even I am somehow dedicated to special things, but I also know when something goes to extreme or not. And almost every step science took can easily go in this direction.

Gaaaaah, I'm so fucking grumpy about science in general. Well, I don't doubt the way of thinking behind archieving something useful, but the whole "protocol" build around science is just so somewhat assy, it's like a horror movie. So, you know what? It just plainly sucks. I don't see engineering itself as science, since a most engineering works are rather non-scientific in protocol. If they all only could step just ONE STEP AWAY from their shitty attitude. Fuckheads. Total fuckheads.


New ammo

I found some time to think about LEGO ammunition again. I'm not quite happy about the 2x2 bullet range I'm using at the moment. I also created a version that is a third longer (current max length) but doesn't fly much farther, does only hit harder. My guess is that it's shape makes it impossible to fly better. It's not even aerodynamic, so it maybe be the best thing to choose some better shapes. Unfortunately, cause of the snapper it won't work quite well. Last night I tried to realize an idea I had recently (maybe I mentioned it, I'm not sure) which involves a flap to protect very light bullets from falling out of the cartridge's open end. It did work and lost a lot of energy to push away the flap. So this doesn't work right. Another idea I figured out yesterday is not to shoot a more or less solid bullet from a cartridge but a bullet "shell" with rubber band in it. Like shooting the cartridge itself and leaving the snapper behind. Without projectile, just two parts you put together. Only thing I'm wondering about is how to construct it properly. It would require a very long spike or cylinder on the snapper part to work on long distance. Plus the point is that it doesn't require much work to charge or expand it to better range. I'll test it eventually. Who knows if it works properly using LEGO. In combination with the flap cartridge for snapper-less ammo I also tried to use buckshot ammo (which didn't work well of course). So another idea for an alternative cartridge could be one with flexible hull elements and small pellets inside so that the hull falls of while the projectile flies. Unfortunately, it seems that they stick so well together that it's more some kind of pellet explosion on inpact... what's also possible is to connect the snapper triggering with triggering a flap that kept the pellets back. I can remember rejecting this idea before. Maybe I just need something that's stuck with very little power on top of the projectile(s). To be honest, I don't really want this. So yeah, gotta wait until I can get up with a better idea.