I'm sorry

I'm so sorry for my rage about computers I had yesterday. It wasn't really about computers, it was more about how a software can be so bad that you can loose personal control. So I took it to heart and killed my damaged windows installation (Bioshock 2 installed runtimes incompatible to some windows components and I somehow were not able to run CodeBlocks and my virus scanner anymore). Now I'm sitting here infront of a fresh Ubuntu system and had less trouble with installing and updating it than with I with even one windows game. I know, a lot of programs won't work perfect with Wine but I'll risk it. I can still install windows on another partition for using FL Studio and such. If I think about my mood the last weeks, I only felt bad because I had windows-only problem and there was solution except installing it again. It take ages to install and update. There is so much making depressive when thinking about windows and it seems to be the best solution to just drop it as an everyday system. So far Ubuntu seems very kind and charmingly honest. We used it at my study place for programming and networking and such.

However, there are things to talk about. Picross 3D! Picross DS was great and this one sounds very promising! Gonna get it today. Games like Picross are pretty rare. It's huge amount of great puzzles and beautiful pixel images work great as reward for everthing. I really enjoyed Picross DS and am looking forward to Picross 3D. Great things!

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