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Such a silly title and so much personal true truth in it. I wonder why I bought a gaming PC. Yes, because my old one was... dead. But well, after switching to Linux I'm asking myself if it would have better to not buy a gaming PC. A rather silly question because my hardware is so standard that a non-gamey PC would've been an almost equal gaming PC minus the graphics card. Playing on Linux is only possible with games for Linux or by using Wine, which never worked for me... Except indie games. They work surpringly flawless! I guess this depends on the typical methods how commercial games are made... using the latest shitty software and exploiting them as much as possible to achieve the desired results. And I also feel surpringly well this way! Last year I someone stopped playing Ninendo games... because I was playing on the PC too much. I don't even know why! Maybe because it was more convenient - working and playing on one machine? However, I don't miss it. I play some indie games here and there, sometimes a multiplayer shooter (I suck at them)... No need for shiny, singleplayerish 3D fps games. It's so weird, I just don't need them. Were they just a marketing trap? Did they absorb my mind too much? Well, I don't know. I just know that I started using my consoles again. Did you know how awesome Zelda feels? Much better than any conceptual 3D fps? Oh yeah, of course you did... So strange. I always thought there are no console games anymore I want to play. I was so focused on PC games... Like a curse. But the world is full of them!

Oh my, what's happening to my world? I should start seeing commercial PC games as a gimmick, a nice extra. Not more. Consoles are made for playing! And you'll never regret modding a game to death cause there is no way to achieve it. Hey, I can remember this feeling. When I just had no gaming PC! I used a 200 and later 600 Mhz PC without 3D graphics and began to program games cause I always wanted to create them. That's it. I'm back! I'm finally where I wanted to be - a human beeing able to create what's desired. I just need time, passion, and a gameboy.

The era of hybrid machines is over! Long life the task-optimized medium!

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