I'm so lazy without a clear goal.


Thoughts about future 3D technology

I'm a very thoughtful guy, thinking about almost everything that's encountering me and it's wonder after finding Doom3 a good piece of game and atmosphere that my current thoughts are about future 3D technology. I never was a friend of special graphics hardware. I always enjoyed definitely working software solution - all you need is processing power. And ID Software's always developing technology (which is unfortunately not really a useful part of Doom3 except the shadow thingies) really is an inspiration for me. They're taking comprehensive critics to heart and develope technologies making their engines better and better. My goal is to develop hardware-independent technologies for my games and using them as core game feature. Some people might say that doesn't make a good game... well, everyone can make the games he/she/it wants to make. I'm always impressed by games with atmosphere-supporting tech, so this will always be the way to go for me. At the moment, all my hope lies in realtime raycasting. Although my own implementation isn't the best variant and more or less voxel-based, I think it's the best thing you can get. Just think about: Voxel vs. Polygon is like Vector vs. Bitmap. Vectors can be used for great smoothness and accuracy. But bitmaps are more versatile if it actually comes to what can be displayed. There are millions of filters, programs etc working with raster-based graphics. Bringing it to 3D enables you to benefit from most of these alghorithms, too! Ever imagined a blur on a Voxel model? No? Any idea how it looks? I can definitely say that it will look much more interesting than a super-smooth polygon/vector thing. Let's say there's an 8000x8000 voxels big rectangle. You rasterize a whole 3D vector model with textures, polygons, etc to this rectangle. We will have a huge bunch of voxels which we can again modify using filters like a blur (adding outfading, transparent pixels arent the base voxels) or applying a diffuse filter to add more height and bumps. It just depends on the alghorithm and filter chain you use... Of course, it needs a fucking lot of memory and CPU time. Well, can you do this vector that easy? No. You need to integrate and apply new effects and most of them will need special graphics hardware to execute. Using multiple floating point processors and enough memory we can do much more than just waiting for the new hardware generation of 3D acceleration. I believe we will at some point in time have one card design using a super-versatile software technology using always the same instructions/methods etc. And voxels plus raytracing is one possible way. I truly believe in it. I also guess it will make rasterization of Motion Capturing more simple - like voxel rasterization in medical areas etc. One day my dream will come true. With or without me! Meanwhile I'll work towards it. Who knows, I could be the one developing this new technology! The older you get as an developer, the more possibilities you get and the more you're capable of creating new, unseen stuff. One hint for those addicted to graphics hardware: it's not worth it. You'll learn much more by doing it by yourself. Even if you know how to setup all these fancy matrices, rendering technologies, etc... You won't do you a favor if it comes to flexibility. Take shadow casting for example. Such a waste! Raytracing is way more forward - one solution for everything.

Yeah, that's it. That's what I think is the future we need to achieve some day. I'll be there, dead or not... Voxels ftw vector suckers.


I'm tempted to install Doom3 on Windows cause it seems that ATI's linux drivers can't properly support all of their possibilities. Shitty ATI! My next card will be an Nvidia one, for sure.

Doom 3

Woah, I feel off chair when I read it. Doom 3 has a native Linux version! Isn't this fucking awesome? Companies creating cross-PC-platform games where always awesome to me. So I bought a 6,99€ windows version of doom, copied a bunch files (did I say I use regular expressions everywhere?) and was able to play the game. I must say, at first I were a bit disappointed because I somewhere read about super-awesome mega texture technology. Well, MegaTexture is in it, but it's used only for terrain and doesn't off it's awesomness in small, creepy rooms... A shame, but they will implement in Doom 4 on every character model. I also saw a demo it Carmack's voxel engine für displaying a seemingly infinite amount of details (hey, I used voxels, too!) and am very excited to see it in action!

If I'm honest... All this voxel thing is cheap if were in a raytracer. You know... There's no need for clipping and other stuff you really need for usual 3D rasterization. I'm looking forward to create a realtime raytracer on small resolutions. My ASCII raytracer is to first step! I'm almost dreaming about the features I want to implement. Thinking about having a full-featured small-scale renderer without the need for hilariously complicated alghorithms is like porn to me. I really must be a cliche nerd for that feeling.


Another death in the family

My MP3player went comatose. And my laptop damaged his filesystem (and instantly froze) after installing some packages and playing a game. There are three possibilities for this accident: a) hardware defect (after quite some years), b) software overload (too much sensitive stuff at once), c) driver errors. My T30 doesn't seem that Ubuntu-compatible... A shame. However, I don't want to hack in settings and special packages just to get it working. I paid almost nothing for it and I don't need one at the moment. So I'll just wait. Waiting until my pandora arrives! Let's see how well it can substitute a laptop.

The universe...

...is too big for me.



Isn't it an interesting word? I created it by replacing "r" in large blocks of code to speed up repetitive substitution by hand. The original word was "operator".

Hm, wouldn't it be interesting to create names of video games characters this way? Simply chained replacement of letters?


Back to games

Such a silly title and so much personal true truth in it. I wonder why I bought a gaming PC. Yes, because my old one was... dead. But well, after switching to Linux I'm asking myself if it would have better to not buy a gaming PC. A rather silly question because my hardware is so standard that a non-gamey PC would've been an almost equal gaming PC minus the graphics card. Playing on Linux is only possible with games for Linux or by using Wine, which never worked for me... Except indie games. They work surpringly flawless! I guess this depends on the typical methods how commercial games are made... using the latest shitty software and exploiting them as much as possible to achieve the desired results. And I also feel surpringly well this way! Last year I someone stopped playing Ninendo games... because I was playing on the PC too much. I don't even know why! Maybe because it was more convenient - working and playing on one machine? However, I don't miss it. I play some indie games here and there, sometimes a multiplayer shooter (I suck at them)... No need for shiny, singleplayerish 3D fps games. It's so weird, I just don't need them. Were they just a marketing trap? Did they absorb my mind too much? Well, I don't know. I just know that I started using my consoles again. Did you know how awesome Zelda feels? Much better than any conceptual 3D fps? Oh yeah, of course you did... So strange. I always thought there are no console games anymore I want to play. I was so focused on PC games... Like a curse. But the world is full of them!

Oh my, what's happening to my world? I should start seeing commercial PC games as a gimmick, a nice extra. Not more. Consoles are made for playing! And you'll never regret modding a game to death cause there is no way to achieve it. Hey, I can remember this feeling. When I just had no gaming PC! I used a 200 and later 600 Mhz PC without 3D graphics and began to program games cause I always wanted to create them. That's it. I'm back! I'm finally where I wanted to be - a human beeing able to create what's desired. I just need time, passion, and a gameboy.

The era of hybrid machines is over! Long life the task-optimized medium!



I installed this really interesting app on Ubuntu and it's stunning how many different server connections are open once you enter a website. The bigger the website, the more different adresses appear on the screen and the more I wonder why the do they need to link to so many different servers. Well, that's probably due to ads and scripts and shit I really don't want to know. I mean the more I know about the less I'm interested in actually browsing my favourite websites. I have a longer list of firefox plugins against dozens of possible things I technically really don't want to have on my computer. Nevertheless I'm browsing and connecting. The more I see how many apps Linux offers me for increased transparency, the more I know what companies hide. It's and ridiculous amount of spy-related data. It feels horrible to see how many informations and requests I give to other computers. Creepy!


I'm sorry

I'm so sorry for my rage about computers I had yesterday. It wasn't really about computers, it was more about how a software can be so bad that you can loose personal control. So I took it to heart and killed my damaged windows installation (Bioshock 2 installed runtimes incompatible to some windows components and I somehow were not able to run CodeBlocks and my virus scanner anymore). Now I'm sitting here infront of a fresh Ubuntu system and had less trouble with installing and updating it than with I with even one windows game. I know, a lot of programs won't work perfect with Wine but I'll risk it. I can still install windows on another partition for using FL Studio and such. If I think about my mood the last weeks, I only felt bad because I had windows-only problem and there was solution except installing it again. It take ages to install and update. There is so much making depressive when thinking about windows and it seems to be the best solution to just drop it as an everyday system. So far Ubuntu seems very kind and charmingly honest. We used it at my study place for programming and networking and such.

However, there are things to talk about. Picross 3D! Picross DS was great and this one sounds very promising! Gonna get it today. Games like Picross are pretty rare. It's huge amount of great puzzles and beautiful pixel images work great as reward for everthing. I really enjoyed Picross DS and am looking forward to Picross 3D. Great things!


Turn back time

Sometimes I which I could back time to prevent computers from beeing created. Humanity wants slaves for everything they don't want to do. I don't to make slaves and I also don't want to be one. Humanity is huge pile of garbage. I feel so emo.

How fucking much I hate computers

I hate computers. Even if I'm working and studying with them, they are still a bunch of hateful suckers. I especially hate software and the whole "windows sucks", "linux sucks" and "apple sucks" shit. SHUT THE FUCK UP. It's annoying and makes my brain hurt. Every piece of fucking software fucking goddamn sucks. NO EXCEPTIONS. There is no good software. There is no good operating system. Every software sucks. You get problems with everything except if the software was designed for it's hardware and vice versa - not counting the general problems of using computers using sucking software. Because, you know, every software sucks. It's not even possible anymore to run development environments safe on one of these system while installing other stuff that requires a library version different from the one you need for your development environment. It fucking sucks. I wish there weren't so many fuckers in this world destroying people by writing sucking software. And you know what? EVERYBODY will write sucking software. There is no beeing in this universe capable of writing non-sucking software.

The only software I trust is my pocket calculator. Because it always worked. No exception. Pocket calcutors ftw, suckers.

Stop writing software and making hardware. You all suck.