Titanic fail

One day I said I uninstalled Titan Quest forever. Well, did I say I uninstalled Titan Quest forever? That was a lie. I thought it couldn't harm to rush atleast the Immortal Throne expansion to see what I missed and I discovered some truly disastrous things in it. Everything I said about the expansion is true and it stacks more and more on top of it. At first, I played with a Dream/Nature char and just rushed through all acts without using any of the new artifact or scroll features whatever. Took me two days including optional quests. After killing Typhon the plot did a jump to nonsense by presenting you a silly plot rambling which evolved into killing Hades for no real pre-expansion-related reason. It's just a big bunch of sidequests! It showed off some really nice design elements which should've been in the previous game (mostly level design ideas like the pitchblack marchs or the very first level of the underworld and I also liked the artifact merging element) - but not this way. It's so different, look-wise, from the original game... It doesn't work as an expansion or addon. It's... some kind of new game. The gameplay is the same but the quests and levels and so untypical for Titan Quest that it makes it hard to see the relation to the original game. Titan Quest was an earthly game about humans kicking all nonearthly asses from the surface. Some legends here and there but still using popular mythology elements, giving the player a round world experience. Looking at the expansion I wonder: where is the original world? It doesn't work anymore. Of course, mythology shit here and there again - but so dumpy placed and integrated... It's an expansion you only play once. Just to see what's happening in a level designers mind. I'm also against it's abuse of greek myth elements. Well, it has more legends in it than the original game and then its Greece again! I mean it started in Greece, it spanned across Egypt and Asia to end at the Olymp. Of course, the Olymp is a greek thing again. A place for all kinds of gods - including those from other continents. I see no problem with ending a game there. But why the fuck do I have to go back to greece? It would've been more apppropriate to integrate Aztec mythology as a new act before Olymp rather than sticking new stuff to a final end. But well, it's just an addon. They created it because the original was a success. Therefore it can't be an essential part of the previous game... For me, the game ends with Typhon. Everything else is just a mod. I'm such a fool! I knew it wasn't what I wanted, butI bought it. Like a fanboy. Yeah. Fanboy. I'm glad I'm not a fanboy of the expansion.

On a sidenote, it "epifies" everything. Epic quest descriptions, epic NPCs, epic dialogs... Everything more epified than needed. Titan Quest itself is epic enough and too much epicness is bad for business, you know. It's too epified to be an epic fail, hu. That requires a more epic version of epic fail to define how much it missed the orignal game. Something like... titanic. Titanic fail. Indeed the right word for how it turned out.

Another titanic fail is my desire to play Titan Quest again without expansion. To blow away the winds of Hades. It stinks down there.

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