And there we go

My new PC arrived! At first I was shocked - no HDD detected! It's a complete PC system, so I was somehow nervous after my stressy and fruitless efforts to rescue my previous one. Fortunately it was just a loosely plucked cable and it worked after that. They shipped it with Windows 7... I played a bit with it and have to say there is obvious reason for me to use it. I mean XP works ok, it's less different from what I'm used to and such... But it's good to know my PC works fine with it! I'm installing XP right now and will hopefully be able to play Bioshock 2. Yeah, that's it. The PC is silent, doesn't make noise and looks excellent combined with my gear. It feels good not to fiddle ages with hardware. Just plug it in (and check your HDD connector first...) and stack software on top. I'm really not a hardware dude and I shouldn't about things like that. I have to know how to do some basic things and that's all. I'm a code monkey! Atleast is this what I'm capable of. And this what counts if I want to get a job as a developer, right?

Great, installation almost done. Just some configs and I'm ready to rumble. What should I play at first? Stalker could be cool. Without stuttering and such things. For anyone who's interested, here's are my game-related specs:

AMD Athlon II X3 435 processor (2,9 GHz)
4.096 MB DDR2 RAM
ATI Radeon HD5750 graphics card (1024 MB)

And thanks Bool it's a PCI-E board! I can't believe it. Also, this PC was cheaper than my old one... Weird world, really.

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