Zombies made my day

I just discovered why I liked Borderlands the second time I tried it: Zombies. It was the fucking nice Zombie DLC which made the whole thing enjoyable. The rare weapons you will hardly find in the first parts of the original game can be easily be found or bought using this DLC. I mean hey - why is the loot so much better? Of course, you will need the loot for the DLC. But not that often. It seems like it's better to start the zombie DLC instead of the original game. I'm immediately interested in looking at Dr. Ned's Zombie Island, but not looking at Borderlands itself. My original rating for Borderlands were wrong. The base game itself is OK. But pretty boring if don't like MMO tasks (except multiplayer, which is really funny). The DLC is awesome. Seriously. If you buy Borderlands and plan to play offline, too, get the Zombie DLC. Maybe it's just me, but it's better and funnier than the original game.

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