What now?

I have this awesome music gear but somehow I don't know what to do now. Everytime I start making a new track there's a moment when my loop sounds nice and I lose interest. Maybe some kind of collaboration experiment? Research in composition techniques? Yeah, that would be interesting. I'll try several ways of "alghorithmic" composition. Like:

Additive arrangement: Take an instrument/drum set and arrange it somehow. Include whatever part you like but keep it as one long track without any other instruments/elements. Add another element and combine it with the previous one. Repeat until you think you're done. Finetune.

Loop arrangement: That's what I usually do (just listed it for completeness). Begin a 8 to 32 beats long loop or more if you wish and add elements which work well together in a seamlessly repeatable loop. Then cut the loop into it's channels/instument tracks and build up the song out of em (including modulation and/or fading over time, etc). It's simple but effective for straight trance or techno tracks. Of course, not all loops need to be active at one time. But if they work perfect together, you won't have problems combining them. Requires Usually requires a lot of different channels to archieve decent structures.

Stick on core: Take the characteristic parts you wish for the track (means you need to do some free, creative work before) and stick other parts on it. Like samples, beats or melody lines. That's a good way to keep the core part of the song alive, the soul you want to emphasize the most.

State morphing: Take a nice loop and it's synth settings. Repeat it x times and then change settings or the score in the next pattern. Repeat. That's how I compose DS-10 tracks. Just alter the waveform, jump between two patterns, add a part in the middle, remove and replace score parts... Simple and enjoyable. Gives a nice result, though. And it comes closer to "done work" each time you add a new pattern. Two bad that most sequencing programms don't support complete synth state changes per pattern comfortably.

A combination of them gives a good work base for me, I guess. Since I'm not a great concept/flow/feel-the-beat dude, it's easier for me to just add stuff on top of previous parts. The loop arrangement thing get's really boring and it isn't that satisfying. Time to start something new! Also, I need to record some DS-10 samples. Drum samples and stuff.

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