Study time is toolkit time! Really, I've never programmed so much stuff I may need some day. All kinds of sorting alghorithms, converters, classes etc... The good thing is, when I have to code assignments using pointers (and I that will be soon), everything will get very, very quick. I'm not sure how it is when you're programming for a company, but I don't want to miss all the awesome toolkits I already programmed for myself. I hope I can use them later, too. But I probably have to use proprietary technologie or other toolkits... Well. Not that bad. I have time.

And I really need to debug my list-less linkedlist class (means I only have one structure for list items, but not for the entire list). Doesn't work that well and is kinda uncomfortable to use. But still better than STL stuff (shitty stuff, avoid it).

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