Interesting phenomenon: my now seemingly absolutely finished linked list class can split a looped list (it's end connected with it's start) into two looped list consisting of halfs of the whole list when inserting this this list (not the smaller ones) in the middle of itself. Weird. And somehow interesting because it was my first thought about what could happen if I try it. I mean without any further thoughts or analysation. Then I tried to think about it step by step and doubted my first thought. Well, in the end I was was more confused and wrong about it as I was in the beginning (where I had right thought without thinking about it). It's not the first time happening. It's often like that and wonder why. Seems I should stop thinking step-per-step but more in one huge step. Problem is you can't explain it to others then. Hm. If I only could walk around by not thinking about things step-by-step. Ok, I'm doing this all day but not when having non-proven ideas of how things behave. I also experienced that this procedure of tackling problems and result checks is useful when doing math. Just don't think about. Face it. Look at the facts and say what it is.

But otherwise I would become completely cold-hearted. I don't think that's good. Especially if you feel it's wrong. My feelings never cheated me. Never. Ever.

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