Half-Life 2's soundtracks

Half-Life 2 is a simple and good game. We all know this. But I always felt that the soundtrack isn't dominant enough to break through the game's atmosphere. And that's somehow good. I mean the game itself is strong, you'll need skill and perception and whatnot to beat it. My first playthrough of Half-Life 2 was characterized by the gameplay itself, not the music. Valve has a good sense of game flow, especially if it comes to one-hit events like when the fight music pops in or things like that. And it's never a loop as far as I can remember. Good soundtrack at all. Each track supports a special situation, there's never a moment where you'll be annoyed by the music because there's no permanent music. Atleast I can't remember listening to loops. I'm a very slow player if it comes to quality FPS games with intense atmosphere. I can remember playing the Ravenholm level about 2 days just because I was fascinated by how the game tries to keep you running and moving through it. It's full of triggers and you'll probably be annoyed by repeating music if you play like me. Track intro, middle part, outro - silence. Nothing more. Track over, go ahead and kill some enemies! No, I like how Half-Life 2 handles it's slightly rockish electronica. It supports the mood perfectly. A swooping, desolated world of badboys and freedom fighters. And it's not only HL2's soundtrack, HL2:EP1 and HL2:EP2 do the same great thing. I also love the sound design. Some of the few games which really WORK with the sound.

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