Stalker: CoP mod

I played around with what kind of texture could make the new Stalker visually more interesting and this is the result:

Nice, plain colors. It wasn't that simple to get all converters right. It looks interesting in the screens, but unfortunately most of the stuff in Stalker in pretty boring for plain colors (you know, no more awesome, supercomplex contructions) and I doubt I will ever get it work right for darker areas and night scenes. I also need to add some better flash/flare/glow sprites and so on... There are a lot of display bugs, like scopes making the whole screen white or huge orange blocks of rain. Yeah, it pretty ugly sometimes. Maybe I will get it working right tomorrow. Maybe not. If not, it's still an interesting experiment.

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Terry said...

This looks absolutely gorgeous! I'd really love to see an original game in this style :)