I'm so excited! Christmas is coming. Means I will get production rig. Fuck, yes! I'm so damn excited. I discovered how inspiring a positive-sounding meaningless acid loop can be. Just sit down, feel the beat, pick up your favorite instrument and hack in your soul. Can't wait how pleasant my new equipment is! I hope the mini keyboard is not to light. Feels somehow comfortable to have a bold mass under your fingers. Gosh, I love music. It's also good to realize how melodies can enrich the whole track. That's an important step for me! Drums are cool, yes. But boring after a while. Most of the tracks I did in the part consist of more drums than single channels. This will change in the future. Or let's say my goal is to give each track it's story, it's soul and own feeling. I already tried to do this in some way or another, but it was always rythm-oriented. Time for a change.

Oh, yes. I can feel how important music has become to me. I can also see some kind of change in how my music sounds. Positive feelings infiltrate here and there - has my life become more enjoyable? I think yes, otherwise I wouldn't express myself this way. Some of the many axis' my life consists of. And I can't stop writing about how I feel when making music. It must a very good feeling, I guess.

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