DS-10 guide

I thougt about writing some kind of a guide or series of tutorials for the DS-10. I know, it sounds boring, but I'm using it since a while and found out many cool things like how to simulate plucked instruments, real-sounding classical instruments, etc... A lot of interesting stuff. I'm sure people out there might find this interesting (if they cand it, here, in the middle of nowhere), especially cause most of them still think it's a lofi techno machine. I mean everybody can do simple stuff, but it always sound the same. Some patches require high accuracy and experimentation; both are what I usually try to archieve when making DS-10 music. Such tutorials wouldn't apply to every technology that's able to work like a DS-10; more like understanding of the software behind it: effect chains and orders, sampling exploitations, etc... Things you won't find in normal synth tutorials.

Let's see what will happen. Life is too short for explanations.

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