Better border

My motion sickness problems in Borderlands disappeared after choosing higher graphics settings. A better resolution, more bloom and stuff do make the game much more enjoyable. I don't suffer from it anymore, so I can play it again. Also, if you have Borderlands and you like zombies, get the Zombie Island DLC! It is really fun to play. You, a revolver (if you play Mordecai) and many, many zombies. Fun, fun stuff! Too bad - the loot sucks and I encountered serious graphics issues since I'm using the latest patch, waterwise.

But the problems which can happen aren't that important this way. At the moment I can't think of a better solution for a zombie game. Level-up system, a dozen of guns and dead bodies everywhere. Good times!


Don't fuck christmas, fuck christmas terror

Well, I take everything bad back I said about christmas. Everything was SO annoying the last days. I always wonder how to survive the stress my mom usually does this time. But well, everything went nice in the end. I got some nice comics and my desired Korg KEY/KONTROL combination. It's cool. Not as smooth as a big keyboard, but very useful for creating melodies. Haven't tested how the KONTROL thingie works, but I have to figure it out. Never used USB hardware for making music! But it feels much smoother than clicking or hacking notes. Very nice, very nice. I have to say I'm good at the whole christmas thing. I felt a bit like "just gimme the presents". Celebrations. I dunno. However, my sister was surprised how much quality I've put into her ATC card. Yes, I did one (take a look at my dA gallery!) and it's nice to her happy this way. Ah, well... Christmas is always strange.


Seemingly positive

Today is a good day. The card is still here and it works flawless so far. No installation problems, high power 'til infinity and whatever else. At first I fell off the chair as I heard how extremely loud the card (always) is. Seriously, like from hell. A bit pissed off (and much more later) I tried Rivatuner - cooler on 25% (Rivatuner's silly limitations). Still like hell. More intense then a vacuum cleaner on maximum settings. Ok, well. Shit. I haven't checked the GPU's temperature, so in my eyes the only solution would be to change the cooler. To avoid warranty loss I browsed through DOZENS of forums and reviews and finally found a solution: two percent fan speed. Yes, two percent. That may sound like toast, but it's actually not. The cooler is extremely overpowered and I wonder why. I don't even know why they ship their cards with such insane noise machines (although I like noise, this wasn't good noise). However, most people will say my CPU (Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz) can't push the card to it's limit. And that's true - true enough to say that it will never need to reach a busyness of 40 or 50 percent. And here's the clue: Less GPU activity, less power needed, less warmth, less fan speed required. It's around 45° at desltop mode and around 55° in DirectX 9 mode. I player some hours and it works and works and works. Underpowered hightech cards ftw. It's awesome and so silent. I never had a more silent card (except the ones with passive coolers). Oh man, that's so beautiful. No need for system updates - my rig is AWESOME now. And fucking small. And pretty silent for gamer setup. I'll try some of the games I rejected because of unsupported graphics modes. Also, I'll probably play Bioshock again! In widescreen HD! I hope I don't become a 3D whore.


Sunday is IDM day

Found an interesting radio stream: Uppercut. Seems to be a nice mix. There is IDM/Breaks, Chiptunes, Breakcore, Raggacore ... (whatever it is). A lot of strange stuff. I'm listening to it right now! Limited to 50 listeners at once. You may take a look at the handwritten schedule.

And check out this site: http://www.internet-radio.org.uk/
Nice list of internet radios plus search functions!

Let's code engines

Ok dudes, it's time to do some bits of work. Engine work. I'm still stuck at implementing physics in my game. Conceptual bottleneck is the frequency-based movement. This post is just personal self-motivation. Feel free to ignore everything I said to you.

Yay, yay, code stuff!
Yay, yay, solve problems!

Anyone motivated enough to motivate me? I also accept cookies and chocolate.


I will never stop playing Fable. Atleast until I somehow get a playable PC version of Fable 2. I might buy an XBox360 later just to play it. And the new card just arrived today (thanks, web store!). Fable on maximum settings is damn sweet, I say you. Also, I can play Stalker and Fallout 3 on maximum settings! And they don't look as beautiful as Fable. It's sad to say that I've already played all good-looking games I own. I'm not interested in playing game xy (except Fable!) again, just to get different visuals. Too bad, the only really interesting 3D RPG I have on the PC is Fable. I can play it on and on again and I still like it. I should stop here. Otherwise it will end like it ended with Stalker! The time is right for Fable 2, guys. I NEED to play it. Somehow. I know there's a way. And I'm not interested in choosing the expensive, non-PC one.


Try #2

So my graphics card seller finally reacted. Do you remember my graphics card dilemma? The manufacturer hasn't yet communicated with them, so I'm able to get a "free" (they still have my money) alternative after weeks of waiting. This time it's a Sapphire HD3850 512 MB. Not bad. I read some reviews and this version seems to work flawless and stable for most people. Whatever da card is, I want something back for the money I gave. And well, do I have any alternatives except buying a new PC or keeping the old card? I would love to play my games in HD again.


The ultimate pot

Haha, found this one a blog called orbit 48:

(1+0.9 cos(8 t)) (1+0.1 cos(24 t)) (0.9+0.05 cos(200 t)) (1+sin(t)) | t = -pi to pi

Nice idea, dude, nice idea (whoever created it).


Late Night Boogie


A pretty minimal techno track. Finished it 10 minutes ago (the total time span is 2,5 hours) while teamspeaking with friends. I don't know. A typical "don't want to sleep" track. Nothing special.

Edit1: Also, don't ask me about the ending. I wanted something that ends with the beginning of a second part, so this is how it sounds now. The bass is pretty good. A slightly pulse-like sample with a lot of distortion -> bold, creamy result.

Edit2: I think the bird-like chiptune sound gives it it's soul, it's ability to emit sound waves on it's own. Yeah, that's it.

[Download MP3 version]


Daft Punk on a gameboy, again

A very good reproduction of "Something about us" from Daft Punk, done with the DS-10 and a Microkorg:


A lovely song. I should listen to Daft Punk more these days.



A bit loud. The latest track I pulled off the DS-10. It begins like a chiptune and ends like some bit of electronica. I like the overall feeling it has and also the synth changes over time. I was in need for something beautiful, so I once again expressed myself within this little piece of morphing texture. An exact representation of the inner ramblings I had.

[Download MP3 version]


I'm so excited! Christmas is coming. Means I will get production rig. Fuck, yes! I'm so damn excited. I discovered how inspiring a positive-sounding meaningless acid loop can be. Just sit down, feel the beat, pick up your favorite instrument and hack in your soul. Can't wait how pleasant my new equipment is! I hope the mini keyboard is not to light. Feels somehow comfortable to have a bold mass under your fingers. Gosh, I love music. It's also good to realize how melodies can enrich the whole track. That's an important step for me! Drums are cool, yes. But boring after a while. Most of the tracks I did in the part consist of more drums than single channels. This will change in the future. Or let's say my goal is to give each track it's story, it's soul and own feeling. I already tried to do this in some way or another, but it was always rythm-oriented. Time for a change.

Oh, yes. I can feel how important music has become to me. I can also see some kind of change in how my music sounds. Positive feelings infiltrate here and there - has my life become more enjoyable? I think yes, otherwise I wouldn't express myself this way. Some of the many axis' my life consists of. And I can't stop writing about how I feel when making music. It must a very good feeling, I guess.


Pseudo formant

Haha, that's neat:

Making KORG DS-10 sing a Daft Punk song

Cool idea. Imagine several singers synthesized like that. I think this would be awesome.

DS-10 guide

I thougt about writing some kind of a guide or series of tutorials for the DS-10. I know, it sounds boring, but I'm using it since a while and found out many cool things like how to simulate plucked instruments, real-sounding classical instruments, etc... A lot of interesting stuff. I'm sure people out there might find this interesting (if they cand it, here, in the middle of nowhere), especially cause most of them still think it's a lofi techno machine. I mean everybody can do simple stuff, but it always sound the same. Some patches require high accuracy and experimentation; both are what I usually try to archieve when making DS-10 music. Such tutorials wouldn't apply to every technology that's able to work like a DS-10; more like understanding of the software behind it: effect chains and orders, sampling exploitations, etc... Things you won't find in normal synth tutorials.

Let's see what will happen. Life is too short for explanations.


Stalker: CoP mod

I played around with what kind of texture could make the new Stalker visually more interesting and this is the result:

Nice, plain colors. It wasn't that simple to get all converters right. It looks interesting in the screens, but unfortunately most of the stuff in Stalker in pretty boring for plain colors (you know, no more awesome, supercomplex contructions) and I doubt I will ever get it work right for darker areas and night scenes. I also need to add some better flash/flare/glow sprites and so on... There are a lot of display bugs, like scopes making the whole screen white or huge orange blocks of rain. Yeah, it pretty ugly sometimes. Maybe I will get it working right tomorrow. Maybe not. If not, it's still an interesting experiment.