It's a nice track. Has it's flaws. From time to time I swear using build-in synths until I get better ones and Zeitlinie is definitely one these tracks where I used the very FL Studio synths: 3xOSC, TS404, Sampler and a bunch of build-in effects. You need nothing else to make good-sounding music. There is no need for expensive synthesizers, VSTs or audio editors. Just use build-in instruments and you can do almost everything you need for quality electronic music (that's my opinion). I thought about making a new album, starting with this track... Didn't work. No motivation left. Programming was more interesting, new video games ruled my inner nerd... No time for music, you know! So I dropped the concept once just to remember myself how often I use the build-in synthesizers for quality music. Means, it's just a question and time and leisure until the next good track is out. Til then I have time to by good non-synth equipment like a controller and a small USB keyboard. Zeitlinie also reminds of how important Delay and Reverb for modern music is. There is NO sound not profiting from effects nowadays. Even equalizers are effects. I use effects for almost every instrument, so it's wonder how easy you can make producing tracks with simple synthesizers.

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