Tales Of A Bipedal Elephant

This is a themed album. It's base is a really sad reallife story about one of my sister's rabbits. It died cause it was to ill to stay alive longer and this periode really sucked all joy out of us. It was the first dead rabbit happening to us and just the beginning of a series of rabbit deaths. I can't explain all the feelings I had during track production, but in the end I felt much better. Track one is about the beginning illness, our fears and thoughts... and all the uncertain things coming with illness. Track two is much more specific. It represents the illness itself and how it progressed inside the rabbit. In the end the illness won and freed waves of depression and mourning. I guess I have to explain why I've chosen that name for track three. There's a little internet story about what happens to rabbits when they die. After death, they all will hop over the rainbow bridge, a construct far beyond a normal rabbits perception. It leads to the never-ending green greens of heaven... A place were all rabbits arrive after death. And that's track three. Across the rainbow bridge. A beautiful track, I have to say. Heavenly and harmonic. But somehow sad, too.

And yes, the track names and the album title are a bit cryptic. You don't need to understand the. Accept it as what it is.

[01] Crusade of the Mastermind
[02] Stuck in a Road of Glue
[03] Across the Rainbow Bridge

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