A few minutes ago I was watching an interesting telecast on arte called xenius. It wasn't that interesting and it wasn't even new. So, the really interesting thing while watching was that I realised what I like about chaotic things. The telecast's subject was complexity of chaotic systems, as I you may guess. At first, I don't know what people like about computable systems. I also hate mathematicians because they try do this; everything needs a definition, a result, a proof and so on... They can't not even guess WHY they are so wrong and why it is stupid to do so. Ok, ok. Not every mathematician is like that. Some do it because they want to get spefically useful things out of it. That's totally ok. But if it's just because they want to explain what digits and numbers are... Bullshit. Just because they want to know it isn't a good thing. Curiosity isn't always good, depends on the situation, though. The point is, math can't explain as much as it wants to. It's a pretty plain thing and doesn't require much brain power (I mean I've seen idiots who were able to calculate almost everything; does it mean that they understand other complex things, too? No. You need a special, structured way to think, but it usually limits you to thinking this way.). How does math explain such extremely complex processes like weather, or organisms? Evolution? Brain cells? They can't. There's only approximation, nothing more. It even fails to explain simple alghorithms, and everything does base on alghorithms. Math is only useful for special situation, computable things, but everything can only be an approximation. Chaotic systems. Math will always fail to describe it's beauty. Nothing can beat the power of alghorithms! It's all, it's everywhere. It's life, it's universe, it's EVERYTHING. You may say I have the same extremity like mathematicians often have. But... I don't care. It's just like that. Know your enemy. And that's why I like chaotic systems: all theory doesn't work here. It's pure, it's CHAOTIC. And the beauty lies within how complex it is. As a programmer, I can only try to teach my program how important chaotic systems are. Of course, a program isn't that complex compared to everything else in the world. But using chaotic systems to describe a new world inside the computer (e.g. video games) is the way to go. Virtual reality, a system of action and reaction - experience and evolution. Like or brain does.

Oh, how I love it. Maths sucks. Chaos forever!

In addition: I for example can't oftem describe how I figured an alghorithm or the system I'm working on. It's a complex process and I can only describe how the alghorithm works, but not how got the idea of it. Mathematicians can, but who cares (except math lovers). I don't think that such details are necessary.

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