The Music List

Greetings, stranger! You may now enter the realms of my musicial expeditions I accumulated since I became eighteen. A lot of hours of pain, pleasure, tears and joy were spend to make all these tracks come true. You may like some of them, you may even hate the most of 'em. But keep in mind that my music is and always was something special, usually composed only for me but free to share for everyone, as long as you really want to. The most of my tracks are the results of FL Studio version 8 and later version 9, too. A few where made with Psycle or my DS-10, one with MODPlug tracker.

A little explanation: Lower entry numbers were made in the past, the higher ones are pretty fresh and do represent what I'm doing nowadays. So, the highest numbers are the most recent ones. Greyed entries are work in progress and thus not finished. Maybe I'll never finish them. Who knows! Also, I tend to remove single tracks and merge them into albums/EPs.

I've used a lot of names for my "music projects". The most dominant one is "Exocore", a name I kept since it's first use.

Albums and/or EPs

[01] 1D Game OST
[02] Melody is a bassdrum
[03] Tales Of A Bipedal Elephant
[04] Things I Had To Do In The Past
[05] Call It A Hunch
[06] The Secret Album Of Nowhere Near

Single Tracks

[01] CCC
[02] M
[03] N
[04] O
[05] Drumroll
[06] Machine
[07] Rollover
[08] Seal
[09] Rain
[10] Soulshaper
[11] Raghn
[12] Steampunk
[13] Secretary
[14] Chainsaw Fairtytales
[15] Untitled Entry
[15] Gay Porn
[17] BIGJAM (St. Oberholz)
[18] CONGA
[19] SNDT01
[20] Beautiful Boy
[22] Byebye Darling
[24] Zeitlinie
[25] 17.09.09
[26] 4 am riff hit
[27] Late Night Boogie

Acoustical experiments

[01] I don't need loops
[02] trainstop
[03] Translatortestamenbrother
[04] mutefun
[05] Wayback in education
[06] Requiem

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